App Name 一括フリマ検索
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Size 4.62 MB
Latest Version 1.0.31
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Update Mon Feb 13 2023

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Description of 一括フリマ検索 Mod APK 2023

This is an app that supports people who want to buy low and sell high on Mercari, Yahoo! Flea Market, and Rakuma. This makes it possible to avoid having to start up each flea market app and search for products, to see all the products you are interested in all at once, and to be notified of new listings. By registering to your watchlist, you will receive regular push notifications of new listings.■Search target・Mercari・Yahoo! Flea Market (formerly PayPay Flea Market)・Rakuma■Main functions・Watchlist (push notification of new listings)If you register for the watchlist, you will be notified of new listings periodically (*).In the current version, you can register up to 2 watchlists. *New notifications will be sent every hour. Due to network and server loads, real-time notifications are not provided. Please note.Convenient usageYou can check the history of new notifications, search for products, and save search conditions by clicking the "..." button on the right end of the registered watchlist.·Keyword searchYou can perform a bulk search using keywords.You can specify multiple keywords by inserting spaces.·detailed searchIn addition to keywords, exclude words, lower price limit, and upper limit price.You can search by specifying the product condition and sales status.About excluded wordsMercari uses the product title to determine whether to exclude it.·Display orderYou can display listings in order of newest listing, lowest price, and highest price. ・Save search conditionsAfter searching and sorting by keyword, click the "Save search conditions" button to save.・Favorite functionYou can add/cancel your favorites by clicking the heart icon displayed for each product.・Dark mode compatibleIf your device has dark mode set, it will automatically be displayed in dark mode.■Restrictions・The display order of the page (search results tab) that displays Mercari/Yahoo! Flea Market/Rakuma all at once is as follows:Because the data is acquired from each flea market site "as much as is displayed on the screen" and sorted, the results may differ from the expected results. *Search results for each site (e.g. Mercari tab) will be displayed in the correct order.・You can register up to 2 watchlists. You cannot register more than 3 items.■Notes・We have no relationship with companies that provide flea market services.・This is a flea market search support app developed by an individual.・This app is a bulk search app. When purchasing or listing products, use the app or browser provided by each flea market site.When you press the "Open this page in app" button from the product details page of this app,You can launch the flea market app or browser.・When linking with a flea market appInstall the app for each flea market site (e.g. Mercari official app),You need to be able to use the flea market app by registering as a member.*If you cannot launch it with the flea market app, launch it with your browser.・The "Watchlist" is saved on the cloud for PUSH notifications."Saved search conditions" and "favorites" data are saved on the device.- If you have not started the app for more than 3 days, new notifications will be temporarily suspended. When you start the app, new notifications will resume.-If you uninstall the app, your points will be deleted.■Latest informationHomepage: : 一括フリマ検索 MOD APK

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Download 一括フリマ検索 Mod Apk from Happymod Tutorial

A. Download and install the Happymod apk at

B. Search for 一括フリマ検索 in the Happymod app.

C. Click the desired mod in the 一括フリマ検索 search results list.

D. Click download package to install 一括フリマ検索 mod apk directly.