App Name 公路客運
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Size 78.47 MB
Latest Version 2.5.6
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Update Sat Mar 11 2023

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Description of 公路客運 Mod APK 2023

In order to cooperate with the update of the TLS certificate (also known as SSL certificate) service, the iBus_Road Passenger APP has released the latest version (V2.5.1). If it is not updated, the APP will not be able to be used. Please update as soon as possible to obtain system related inquiries. Use function.The service function information of the new version of [iBus_Road Passenger Transport] is as follows:1. The quick query interface is more lively and concise, and you can quickly find the query route with one hand2. Provide real-time dynamic information of Taiwan highway passenger transport and national highway passenger transport, and update the most timely3. Favorite route storage function4. Provide the function of passenger planning before running, and provide the best boarding suggestions according to your current GPS location.5. Add detailed route information map, keep track of vehicle status and stop sign location6. Real-time update of server system passenger route database7. According to the current GPS location, it will provide the nearby stop signs for boarding suggestions※In order to provide better and simpler services, after updating to version 2.0, the original data such as my favorites and arrival reminders are incompatible due to the data format. Please reset the relevant routes and arrival reminders, causing your inconsistency. Please forgive me.※The network and GPS positioning functions need to be turned on, and the automatic information update frequency of the system is once every 20 seconds.Contact email for this program: [email protected] of bus dynamic information: General Administration of Highways, Ministry of CommunicationsThis app is the best way to get the Taiwan ebus arrive information.1. Easy to get Highway ebus real time arrive info.2. Trip planning and Transit service in Taiwan. 公路客運 MOD APK

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