App Name 1 Rep Max
Package Name com.DBomb.OneRepMax
Size 5.66 MB
Latest Version 7.6.0
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Update Wed Oct 04 2023

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Description of 1 Rep Max Mod APK 2023

1 Rep Max Calculator is a must have app for every weight lifter. It calculates the maximum weight that you can lift for 1 repetition given information that you already know. Just enter the weight and reps that you were previously able to achieve and let the calculator do the rest! It can also be used to calculate the percentages of your one rep max and your Wilks Score.This app is designed for bodybuilding and powerlifting, so it's important to track your progress. Log your best 1 rep max records using the built in log feature. Add exercises and log new records to watch your strength grow over time.Need help determining which weights to put on the bar? Simply tap on any weight in the app to view the plate loader calculator. It will let you pick which weights you have available and the bar type you're using.Trying to keep track of changes in your body weight? 1 Rep Max Calculator allows you to track your body weight and view the change over time. You can even set a goal body weight.There are many 1 Rep Max formulas to choose from: Epley, Brzycki, Lombardi, Mayhew, McGlothin, OConner, Wathan. You can choose just a single formula or get an average of the ones you select.This exact app isn't available for iOS or Web, but there is a light version here: 1 Rep Max MOD APK

Spending a lot of money in the early days of 1 Rep Max accumulating 1 Rep Max of in early currency is a very painful thing. Happymod 1 Rep Max mod apk will be a better choice. 1 Rep Max users have the following comments:

This app is exactly what I wanted. Calculate 1 rep maxes and percentages quick and easy. Makes conjugate setup much easier. Being able to track maxes is a must with conjugate and an awesome addition to the app. The plate calculator is nice as well. Only thing that would make it better is to save multiple bars and set what plates you have to work with.

The app is consistent and accurate as long as you stay within the 12 rep range. Great for building a workout based on your max. You also dont have to max as often because the app can give you an accurate estimation based on your rep ranges with a given weight. It's a useful tool.

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