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Latest Version 1.2.48
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Update Sat Dec 10 2022

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Description of AlfaDPF Mod APK 2023

This diagnostic tool, for Alfa Romeo diesel cars (MiTo, Giulietta, Giulia, Stelvio), was made to allow everyone to monitor the efficiency of emissions related systems. It is compatible with model year 2010+ cars with CAN bus diagnostic network. This tool is an independent tool not related with any car manufacture. Any reference to brand and model is purely by way of reference to allow the user an efficient diagnosis as provided by law.With this app you can monitor DPF (Diesel partuculate filter) status and regeneration, SS functionalities, Turbo, EGR, OIL status, read DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), clear DTC and read some other informations of your engine ECU. The app supports a dashboard functionality to show you, in an elegant way, every day parameters useful during driving. On dashboard is always monitored the DPF regeneration status with a visual feedback during regeneration process.*** IMPORTANT ***This app doesn't connect to car Bluetooth, you need an external device to connect to OBD2 connector.For the moment the App is only compatible with Bluetooth ELM327 interfaces. The following interfaces have been tested and work perfectly with AlfaDPF:1) OBDLink (): the recommended interface is OBDLink LX (OBDLink MX and OBDLink MX+ work equally well)2) Vgate (): the recommended interface is iCar PRO (the vLinker FS, iCar 2, vLinker MC+, vLinker BM+ and vLinker FD+ models also work very well)Both OBDLink and Vgate support interface firmware update which makes them extremely good and recommended.There shouldn't be any problems even with other OBD2 interfaces if they are of good quality.This App is not the common ScanTool that you can download from the market, is an advanced toot that need to comunicate with ECU in a particular way, so many Chinese cloned interface doesn't work, because of pore quality. The app is working very well if used with original ELM327 chip or with quality interfaces that emulates ELM327 protocol. With very cheap interfaces the app may not work, the problem is the hardware interface not the app.For support purposes you hove to contact us by using the dedicated menu present inside the app, all other type of requests will bi discarded. AlfaDPF MOD APK

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Amazing, did everything it said it would. Perfect for monitoring regens as well as EML's

perfect app that works with giulia and Stelvio.

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