App Name AnDOSBox
Package Name com.locnet.dosbox
Size 1.99 MB
Latest Version 1.2.8
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Mod APK Paid for free
Update Wed Nov 23 2022

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Description of AnDOSBox Mod APK 2023

A DOSBox port for Android. DOSBox is a x86 emulator developed by DOSBox Team for playing old PC games.** First practical DOS emulator for Android **** Apps of the Week, ZDNet, Sept 2011 **IMPORTANT: Like other emulators this software requires sdcard access and lots of resources to run properly. Make sure you have > 50MB free memory, and your sdcard can be accessed through /sdcard.We appreciate any rating, comments and suggestions, but in case you need some answer, please check faq or email us directly.Regarding GPL please refer to home page.Features========-Portrait and Landscape mode with/without resize.-Sound support-Software and Hardware keyboard input-Support entering special keys like Ctrl, ESC and Function keys-Support Virtual TrackPad, Virtual Joystick, and Pen mode-Support mouse control with physical Trackball or MouseRegarding arrows and special keys(like ctrl, alt, shift): AnDOSBox is designed to work with external input solution, seek out and use anything you see fit. We also built an "Extra layout" plugin for our Flit Keyboard. (see AnDOSBox home page for details). For enhanced gaming keypad, please check out our "GameKeyboard" app.Known Issues============-On some device it failed to call out the software keyboard. In this case, try holding the "menu" hardware key, or turn on (menu->input mode->show keyboard fix).-In some program sound is broken (stop after awhile) when Speed Patch C is turned on.-Some devices with physical keyboard failed to input additional characters by pressing Alt+Key. Please refer to FAQ General Usage #1.-It's said that some high-end snapdragon based devices have poor performance. We never received an official report, please contact developer in this case. If you have problem running a particular DOS program, please check with DOSBox Team for compatibility before report to us. AnDOSBox MOD APK

Spending a lot of money in the early days of AnDOSBox accumulating AnDOSBox of in early currency is a very painful thing. Happymod AnDOSBox mod apk will be a better choice. AnDOSBox users have the following comments:

This DosBox program is easy to use. The old action platformers by Apogee play great with the optional GameKeyboard. The only thing lacking is a front-end game manager to keep individual settings for each game. Keep up the good work, Locnet!

First i'd like to say that I only just recently tried Dosbox Turbo because Andosbox has never failed me. There are plenty of reviews of people bashing Andosbox because they are too cheap to buy the Gamekeyboard. I pay no attention to them because Gamekeyboard is useful for many things besides Andosbox and really deserves to be a separate paid app. Then there are those that say Dosbox Turbo is much faster...this bothered me a little bit because i would like Arena and Daggerfall to run a little faster (i've already optimized everything as much as possible). So i got the latest dosbox turbo...Is it really that much faster? It did seem to be a little faster but not by much...also doesn't seem as stable and the other problem is that their gamepad sucks and no wonder it is free. Andosbox wins overall. Both are way too slow compared to a normal desktop with dosbox. Can't really say i can enjoy Arena/Daggerfall with how sluggish they are on android. One last thing.. Right mouse click much easier to do on Andosbox which is kinda necessary for attacking in these games.

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B. Search for AnDOSBox in the Happymod app.

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D. Click download package to install AnDOSBox mod apk directly.