App Name aodNotify
Package Name com.jamworks.aodnotificationledlight
Size 4.35 MB
Latest Version 1.24
MOD Info
Pro Unlocked
Update Tue Jul 04 2023

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Description of aodNotify Mod APK 2023

You need a notification light / LED for your Pixel device?With aodNotify you can easily add a notification light / LED to your Pixel phone!You can select different notification light styles and show the notification light around the camera cutout, screen edges or even simulate an notification LED light dot in the statusbar of your Pixel device!As the notification light is integrated in Pixel's Always On Display it has minimal battery consumption and doesn't drain your battery like other apps which keep your phone awake! If you don't need the Always On Display, the app can also activate the Always On Display (AOD) only on notifications or show the notification LED light even without the Always On Display!With the notification preview feature you can directly see if you have important notifications without waking your Pixel! MAIN FEATURES• Notification light / LED for Pixel and others!• Low energy notification preview (android 10+)• Activate Always On Display (AOD) only on notifications• Charging / Low battery light / LED MORE FEATURES• Get notified without notification sound!• Notification light styles (around camera, screen, LED dot)• Custom app / contact colors • ECO animations to save battery• Interval mode (on/off) to save battery• Night times to save battery• Minimal battery consumption BATTERY USAGE PER HOUR ~ • LED - 3.0%• LED & INTERVAL - 1.5%• LED & ECO ANIMATION - 1.5%• LED & ECO ANIMATION & INTERVAL - 1.0% • NOTIFICATION PREVIEW - 0.5% • ALWAYS ON DISPLAY - 0.5% Without the LED notification light the app consumes almost 0% battery! GOOGLE DEVICES • All Pixel devices• More in testing NOTES • Google may block this app with future updates!• Please check if the app is compatible before updating phone software or always on display!• Altough we never experienced any screen burn in issues on our test devices, we recommend to not keep the notification light / LED active for a long time! Use at you own responsibility! Disclosure:The app uses the AccessibilityService API to display the notification light using an overlay over the screen.No data is collected or shared using the AccessibilityService API! aodNotify MOD APK

Spending a lot of money in the early days of aodNotify accumulating aodNotify of in early currency is a very painful thing. Happymod aodNotify mod apk will be a better choice. aodNotify users have the following comments:

This works well as an LED replacement on my P6a. However, please note you'll need to purchase the Pro version and then configure it for your specific phone (most of the options you really need aren't available in the free version). There is some effort/experimentation involved - it's not plug-and-play, so be prepared to put a little bit of time into configuring it to get things the way you want it. Once that's completed, it's set-and-forget.

Just installed on a P6 and it solved my notifications not showing if display off more than 5 minutes. Only thing that worked after trying a different notification app. You can even set it to run the AOD screen and show a preview of the notification then tap to wake. Update: after phones (P5 and P6) sat overnight, an incoming push notification did not wake the phone from sleep but notification was sitting waiting and appeared as soon as I woke the phone. Notifications and battery settings correct

Download aodNotify Mod Apk from Happymod Tutorial

A. Download and install the Happymod apk at

B. Search for aodNotify in the Happymod app.

C. Click the desired mod in the aodNotify search results list.

D. Click download package to install aodNotify mod apk directly.