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Update Thu Sep 14 2023

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Description of ATOK PRO Mod APK 2023

★About this app・ Customers who subscribe to "ATOK Passport [Premium]" can use it. Please activate the app with the "Just account" that you used when signing the contract.・In the installed "ATOK for Android [Professional]" app, add a new "ATOK Passport [Premium]""It is also possible to apply." What is ATOK Passport?This is a monthly service that allows you to use the Japanese input system "ATOK" on up to 10 smartphones or computers."ATOK" is a Japanese input system that has a reputation for high conversion accuracy and is equipped with a wealth of convenient functions for input. It analyzes the text you are typing and converts it to natural Japanese, so just by switching the keyboard to "ATOK", you can enter quickly."ATOK Passport" has two courses, [Premium] and [Basic]. You can subscribe to [Premium] with this app.■ Features of ATOK Passport [Premium]Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and MacAlways up to 10 units of the latest "ATOK" available* You can use "ATOK" for up to 10 units with one contract. Use is limited to the subscriber himself/herself. So you can have the same input environment for both smartphones and computersYou can share the words you have registered on each device, so you can use the best input environment for yourself anytime, anywhere. "ATOK for Android [Professional]" boasting higher accuracy and richer functionsEquipped with the same conversion engine as "ATOK" for personal computers, you can use "guessing conversion" that has dramatically evolved guessing conversion * 1. You can quickly communicate with frequent short sentences on SNS and create long emails without errors.*1 Comparison with "ATOK for Android".●ATOK Cloud ServiceAll "ATOK cloud services" such as dictionaries such as "Kojien" and grammar proofreading can be used as much as you want.■Features of "ATOK for Android [Professional]" Equipped with a high-performance conversion engineAnalyze the context of your input and convert it to more natural Japanese. In addition, it analyzes touch errors unique to smartphones, corrects the reading to the most natural Japanese, and presents guessed conversion candidates, making input overwhelmingly easier.●Speedy and easy keyboard appYou can choose the input method from the original "flower touch input (gesture input)", "flick input", "mobile phone input", etc. One-touch switching between numeric keypad and QWERTY keyboard. You can enter character strings that contain a mixture of letters and numbers, such as passwords and e-mail addresses, just like you would on a computer. Even if you change to a different model, you can continue to use the same keyboard with "ATOK". ●Convert both long and short sentences at onceNot only can you convert people's names and place names appropriately, but you can also convert them in one shot even if you type in the reading for a long time. Even if it doesn't turn out the way you want it to, it will learn and convert better next time. You can freely change the keyboard settingsYou can choose from 17 keyboard theme colors, and you can also set a saved image. The keyboard size can be adjusted by sliding up, down, left and right. If you move the keyboard to the left and right to make it smaller, you can reach your fingers with one hand even on models with large screens. Easy input of pictograms and emoticonsPictograms, emoticons, and symbols are collected by type. Since it is displayed large when selected, you can enter without hesitation. Other functionsEquipped with the [ATOK Direct for Mushroom] function, it can be linked with the Mushroom App.▼Precautions・If you add "ATOK" to the keyboard from the Android settings, a message about collecting input contents (personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers) will be displayed, but "ATOK" will not collect these at all. Hmm. Please note that this is a message displayed by Android.- Operation is not guaranteed for models other than those whose operation has been confirmed.・Devices with root privileges and custom ROMs are not guaranteed to work.- Operation is not guaranteed for models with a built-in keyboard.・Operation is not guaranteed in the corporate mobile terminal management environment.・Apps cannot be installed on devices used outside of Japan.・ Operation is not guaranteed when using a terminal with dual screens or a terminal with a foldable design.・Pictograms may not be displayed or may not be available depending on the specifications of each carrier/device manufacturer.▼Operating Environment・Android 8.0/8.1/9/10/11/12/13*From November 1, 2021, we have stopped providing the app for Android 7.1 and below, and changed the operating environment to Android 8.0 and above.▼If it does not work properly or cannot be downloaded・If "ATOK" does not work properly on the Google app, please try updating the Google app.・If you cannot download from Google Play, please try the following steps.▼Purpose of use of each item"ATOK" uses the following items to make input more convenient.[Contacts and call history] Used to enter contact information in the input destination application when using "Phonebook / ATOK Direct". For other purposes, "ATOK" does not collect or transfer contact information and call history.[External storage] Used for importing/exporting ATOK settings, fixed phrases, and My collection, and for batch registration/list output of dictionary utility.[Network] Used for executing "ATOK Cloud Service", confirming the contract of "ATOK Passport", and accompanying services. In addition, it will be used to send registered word information only if you agree separately.[Disable terminal sleep] Used to run "ATOK Cloud Service" in the background.[Vibration] Used for the feedback effect when the keyboard is touched.[List of installed apps] Used to link with "ATOK Direct" and extended dictionaries. "ATOK" does not collect or transfer the list of installed apps.▼Copyrights and Trademarks・This software includes works distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.・Frameless handwritten character recognition uses LaLaStroke from Toshiba Corporation.・LaLaStroke is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation.・"ATOK" and "Inferred Conversion" are trademarks of JustSystems Corporation.・Other company names, product names, etc. are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies, or trademarks of JustSystems Corporation. ATOK PRO MOD APK

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