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Description of AttendNow Mod APK 2023

With AttendNow, you can track the attendance of your employees from your mobile and take timely action.Key Features include:1. Geo-mark AttendanceEmployees can accurately mark their attendance anytime from any location, with the help of the GPS from their smartphones. Managers can track the real-time location of staff on-field or other work sites.2. Location TrackingCaptures the location of your employees who travel for work and displays their travel route on Google Maps. Since the location is documented every couple of minutes only between the punch-in and punch-out period, there are no privacy issues. This feature is ideal for firms having a chain of stores or multiple office locations.3. Geo-fencing & Location MonitoringCreate a virtual barrier encircling the work location and record every time employees arrive and leave. AttendNow provides a time-stamped GPS record of where the punch happened and makes it easier to spot employees who mark their attendance outside the office location.4. Works OfflineWhile deploying staff to different sites for different projects, the poor network connection can be an issue. Once signed in, AttendNow can work completely offline and track attendance with the same accuracy exhibited when it works online. Whenever a connection is established, the data recorded while the app was offline is sent to the server.5. Leave ManagementEmployees can apply for leaves through the app and they'll be notified when the manager approves or rejects it. A notification will be sent to the employer whenever an employee is absent.6. TimesheetThe hours of work done by each employee are trailed and the entire data is delivered in the form of timesheets, making project, team and time management much simpler. Early or late punch-ins are reported accurately. Helps to curate better plans and manage time more productively.7. OvertimeEmployees can keep track of working overtime and submit it to the manager for approval. By referring to the attendance tracker and timesheets, employers can provide the appropriate compensation for the extra work hours.8. Payroll ManagementNo manual intervention is required for payroll processing by interpreting the attendance since the attendance summary is integrated with payroll and accounting. Reduces payroll processing time and provides better security for payroll data.9. Shift ManagementShift planner manages and reschedules shifts for any number of employees effortlessly. Shifts are assigned in accordance with the complex shift requirements and the work duration of each employee. Employees can also be allotted different days off.10. Dynamic CalendarFor enterprises with no fixed shift timings, the dynamic calendar determines convenient shifts for the staff for each day of the week. Notifications are sent accordingly to the user to let them know when to punch in and punch out. Managing shifts of a large number of employees becomes much effortless.11. Holiday ManagementPredefine your business leave policies and let employees know about their leave availability so that they can plan accordingly. Employers can also manage the yearly holiday calendar and keep staff updated about holidays.12. Selfie based attendanceUsers can prove and confirm their punch-in and punch-out location through selfies where the office background is also included. Picture-based attendance eliminates the possibility of buddy punching. A touch-free alternative for the biometric system, for precise attendance, in the light of the pandemic. AttendNow MOD APK

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After comparing various apps, keeping in mind a variety of semi-smart phones, we implemented it across 14 very remote schools in the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Issues are intermittent cell connections, poor signal strength and widely scattered locations. This app stores it's reporting data and transmits automatically when sensing a connection. Geo-fencing based on job type etc. is excellent. After one year, we have no reason to change. NO, it is not free, but an excellent app.

The app is easy to access and also cost effect. The backend support is great. Go for it.

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