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Update Thu Jan 12 2023

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Description of Connected Service Mod APK 2023

Genesis Connected Service is an application for customers who subscribe to Genesis Vehicle Connected Car Service.Please use services such as vehicle start/air conditioning control, door opening/closing, and parking location finding with your smartphone.※ After purchasing a Genesis vehicle, it can only be used by customers who subscribe to the Genesis Connected Service.[Features]*Vehicle control- Through the vehicle remote control service, remote start/off, as well as turning on headlights and warning sounds, and door opening/locking services are provided, and the vehicle interior temperature can be adjusted during remote start."※ All remote control services can only be used within 96 (168) hours after the vehicle's last start-up. However, in the case of 1.0 customers, if the navigation SW is not updated regularly after the fourth car in 2015, the service can only be used within 48 hours. can.- In order to prevent the vehicle battery from being discharged, the communication modem in the vehicle is maintained only for the above period."1. Remote start and temperature control- You can optimize the indoor temperature of the vehicle through the function of adjusting the indoor temperature and the start-up holding time during remote start.※ Precautions- For the safety of customers, the remote start/remote start cancel function does not work while driving or when it is determined that the driver is in the vehicle. (If the door is not locked with the smart key, the position of the shift lever is not case, etc.)- In accordance with local government ordinances, if you exceed the idling time limit in a specific place, a fine will be charged.2. Remote start setting option- You can set the indoor temperature value and the start maintenance time during remote start.3. Door Lock/Door Open- Lock or unlock the door remotely.- If the door is not opened directly within 30 seconds after the remote door is opened, the door is automatically locked again.※ Precautions- There is a risk of theft when the remote door is opened, so always use the service only in a safe place.- The remote door lock/unlock function is the unlocking and locking function for the car door lock, so the car door itself cannot be opened and closed.- If the remote door lock is requested while the car door is open, the service will be notified as failure.4. Hazard light/horn sound- You can use the service for the purpose of parking location notification through flashing emergency lights/sounding horns.- The hazard flashing and horn sounding lasts for 27 seconds.※ Precautions- To stop the horn sounding (27 seconds) early, repeat opening/locking the door once with the remote control key.5. Check the parking location- When requesting to check the parking location of the vehicle, the actual vehicle location information is searched and provided on the map.※ Precautions- For privacy protection, the location between the vehicle and the customer can only be used within 3KM.- If the location of the vehicle or customer is indoors, the location information is inaccurate and you cannot receive normal service.6. Destination transfer- Based on the play map, you can search for a destination and transmit the searched destination information to the vehicle.7. Route navigation- You can check the route and estimated time in advance using the Genesis Connected Service Directions. ※ It may differ from the actual car navigation route.8. Genesis Connected Service Center- Various inquiries and theft related to opening, changing, or canceling Genesis Connected Services through telephone connection with the Genesis Connected Services customer centerYou can request a tracking service, and we handle tasks such as customer complaints quickly and quickly.9. My Account- Check account information and provide logout function.10. Push Notification Settings- Push notification ON/OFF setting is possible.11. Notification message box- You can check the control history and received notification messages.■ Permissions and purposes for using the Genesis Connected Services app- Telephone (required): Confirm customer identifier, connect to customer service, and connect by phone when using location search service-Location (optional): Checking the parking location/transmitting the destination, checking the user's location during route guidance service-Storage space (required): Downloading and decompressing images around my car and contents- Calendar (optional): Use calendar destination linkage service- Camera (optional): Profile picture setting, parking location AR guidance function- File and Media (optional): Profile picture setting, digital picture frame※ Even if you do not agree to the optional access right, you can use the service except for the function.※ Access rights are implemented by dividing into mandatory and optional rights for Android OS 6.0 or higher.(For versions under OS 6.0, optional permissions are not allowed)[Smartwatch models that support Genesis Connected Service]- Samsung Galaxy Watch (42/46mm)* Android OS v5.0 / Tizen v4.0 or higher available Connected Service MOD APK

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