App Name Copy Paste Collages
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Size 8.69 MB
Latest Version 7.2
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Update Sat Mar 18 2023

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Description of Copy Paste Collages Mod APK 2023

Copy Paste Photo Collage lets you create unique collages by letting you copy and paste photos from gallery onto different collage backgrounds. You can add text to convey the message.Copy Paste Collages comes in 4 main tools:1. Copy Photos - Copy Photos so that you can paste the copied photos onto photo collages.2. Trim Photo Edges - Fine tune your copied photos so that you can make them look better to paste on collages and other screens.3. Copy Collages - Photo Collages can be created by Pasting Copied photos onto 20 different Backgrounds with different themes. Features Like Text on Photo collage, Draw on Collage, Photo Stickers are available.4. Nature Collages - You can chose your photo collage background from one of large set of photo backgrounds. These Nice Photo Backgrounds are licensed from Professional Photographers.Copy Paste Photos Comes with Following Advanced tools to enhance your Copy Paste Photo Collages:1. Text on Photos - Add Text over photos with Different Text Fonts, Text Shaders and Text colors over collages to convey Text Messages over Collages.2. Draw on Photo Collages - Draw on Photo collages with 30 Different Drawing Brushes to show your artistic skills.3. Photo Stickers - 500+ photo Stickers to add themes to your copy paste Photos collages.Save your photo collage and share the Cut Paste Photos on collages with friends and family. Copy Paste Collages MOD APK

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A. Download and install the Happymod apk at

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C. Click the desired mod in the Copy Paste Collages search results list.

D. Click download package to install Copy Paste Collages mod apk directly.