App Name Developer
Package Name tursky.jan.settings
Size 13.56 MB
Latest Version 5.0
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Update Sun Feb 12 2023

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Description of Developer Mod APK 2023

Info about appAre you developer? Are your graphic designer for mobile devices? Or just a simple user, who wants to know more about your device and also to have better control for some aspects?Then this app is for you. More than 45 categories in the menu with even better control over your phone. Try to test this app, it's not worth anything. List of categories:• Android - unique identifiers, build info, serial data, version numbers, processors info• Audio - test sound, test virbation, control audio• Battery - battery monitor, scale, level, status, technology...• Bluetooth - name editor, bt switch, paired devices• Calculator - screen calculator, widget cells, DIP-PX, color info• Call log - call details, list of calls, detail info• Camera - flashlight control, available cameras• Charset - list of charsets• Compass - list of sensors, compass visualisation• Connection - wi-fi switch, mobile data switch, networks list, detail info• Contacts - remove duplicates, detail info about contacts• Crash - exception crash, process crash, ANR crash• Date formatter - DateFormat parse tester• File viewer - detail info abou directories and files• Gesture - pointer location test, gesture test• GPS - gsp switch, gps providers• Graphic - OpenGL checker, list of available methods• Guide - most useful programming info about Android• Hash functions - calculator for SHA1, SHA-256, djb2, sdbm, lose lose, Jenkins hash function, Blowfish, AES, DES with CBS mode and PKCS5 padding• Hidden codes - list of 120 hidden codes for every mobile device (depends on the model)• Java Properties - separator, compilers, home, library path, vendor, vm_version, architecture...• Language - list of languages, language change• List - permissions, permission groups, intents, dalvik opcodes, Open Source libraries• Log - log output, search, save, main/radio/events, All/Debug/Info/Error/Verbose/Warn• Manifest viewer - list of apps, details, AndroidManifest.xml, extract SDK, calculate checksum...• MD5 checker - MD5 check• Memory - memory overview, virtual/native/CPU, PIDS, PSS, processes• Notifications - customize and test notification• Permissions - apps permissions• Phone manager - refresh home screen, scan media, lock phone, airplane mode, shutdown phone, reboot phone, developer settings, developer console• Regex checker - regular expressions tester• Resource viewer - info about strings, string array, color, drawables, dimensions, integers• Root checker - method binary file, check test-keys, superuser file, command in shell, command SU• Screen - pixel checker, brightness control, width-height, metrics info, refresh rate, rotation state, size• Sensor - available sensors, sensors info• SMS - fake SMS, list of SMS, detail info• Storage - internal, external, full statistics, list of file types• Telephone - location, device id, country info...• Time - list of timezones, current/boot millis...• Tools - bt switch, wi-fi switch, mobile data switch, sync switch, gps switch, rotate control, WiMAX control, airplane switch, brightness control, screen switch control, sound control, NFC control, WiFi tethering, USB tethering, VPN...• Usb Accessories - list of USB accessories• WebView - browser information properties...• Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi switch, Wi-Fi hotspotsThank you and have a nice day :) Developer MOD APK

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This app is by far the best app a new developer or user should have. Easy to use with good knowledge put into it. Wife and I would like to be good developers. And pass it on to our kids. With apps like this one it could happen. Greatful for the best technology at our finger tips. We will be working on a few apps and things to help a family member that needs a few things like AI'ISH to help make life more independent. Thanks to Google's hard helpers all of them, it is possible. Thanks 🏆🎇🎊

I've been using this app since, I think about 2016 or 17. Seems have an intuitive interface and everything you need to know.

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