App Name Drums Engineer
Package Name com.gyokovsolutions.drumsengineer
Size 8.42 MB
Latest Version 4.8
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Paid for free
Update Thu Jan 19 2023

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Description of Drums Engineer Mod APK 2023

Drums Engineer is an app for drum beats composition. You can save the composed beats as midi file and use it for production with your DAW software.There are two ways to create drum beats:- manual - check notes for each drum instrument- automatic - press COMPOSE and the algorithm creates a drum groove or drum fill.Drums Engineer features:- auto compose drum grooves and drum fills- use up to 64 notes- select note length- set tempo via tapping- swing mode- use up to 45 different drum instruments- save created beats as midi file- open beats file- change meter signature- change instruments volumeWhen you open the app there are three panes. On left is INSTRUMENTS CONTROL pane. On the right is BEATS pane and below is APP CONTROL pane.INSTRUMENTS CONTROL pane:For every instrument you have:- instruments name - when you click on it you can hear sound sample- ON/OFF switch - switches on/off the instrument- select checkbox - use it select/deselect instrument. This is used when you press COMPOSE or Shift Left/RightBEATS pane:For every instrument you have predefined number of notes. You can change number of notes in Settings. If checkbox is checked the sound is on. If it is unchecked there is no sound.By checking and unchecking checkboxes you create the instrument beat.APP CONTROL pane:- ON/OFF switch - switches all instruments on/off- select checkbox - selects/deselects all instruments- MODE - select drum groove or drum fill for COMPOSER to create- COMPOSE button when you press it then drum groove or fill is created for selected instruments. If no instrument is selected then all instruments are used- tempo - change tempo in beats per minute- PLAY button - plays/stops the drum beatMENU:- New - creates new drum template- Open - open saved drums text file- Save - saves current drum beats as midi and text file- Save as - saves current drum beats as midi and text file with specified name- Clear All - clear all instruments- Clear selected - clears only selected (with checked checkbox) instruments- Shift Left - shifts selected instruments one position to the left- Shift Right - shifts selected instrument one position to the right- Start/Stop AUTO MODE - starts/stops AUTO MODE where drums are continuously played and recomposed- SETTINGS - opens Settings- Help - opens app manual- facebook page - opens app facebook page- Exit - exits appSETTINGS:- Notes number - select number of notes (1-64)- INSTRUMENTS - select which instruments to include- INSTRUMENTS VOLUME - set volume for instruments- Meter signature nominator - nominator for meter signature - if time signature is 3/4 then this is 3- Meter signature denominator - denominator for meter signature - if time signature is 3/4 then this 4- Load last project on app open - when this is on then the last project will be loaded when you open the app- Number of cycles in AUTO MODE - sets how many times to play the drum beat before it is recomposed- Keep screen on - keeps screen on while the app is in foreground- Play melody in background - when this is on then beat will be played in background. You can use this when adjusting the instruments volume.App privacy policy - Drums Engineer MOD APK

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Perfect for creating drum tracks for use in your music production software. Export midi, import it into your DAW and tweak it as you please from there. (you can change the drums from the app itself, but it's easier for me from PC than mobile devices).

Very good App 💚💜❤️

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