App Name Gylis
Package Name lt.giscentras.gylis
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Latest Version 1.0.1
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Update Fri Apr 28 2023

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Description of Gylis Mod APK 2023

The app is intended for fishermen, ice fishing enthusiasts, divers and travelers - everyone who wants to get to know their land!BATHYMETRYA business card of a water body is a bathymetric plan, which shows the relief of the underwater part (bowl) of the water body trough with lines (isobaths) connecting points of equal depth. In the application you will find bathymetric plans of 300 Lithuanian water bodies. Some plans are published for the first time. Some of the information on the plans is of an overview nature. Digital versions of the bathymetric maps are produced from originals collected by the Climate and Water Research Laboratory, Institute of Geology and Geography, Natural Research Center, Environmental Protection Agency. The data of the Kaunas Lagoon and the Curonian Lagoon were provided by the Directorate of Inland Waterways. Water bodies are mapped by digital JV "GIS-centras" cartographers, students of the Lithuanian University of Education (LEU) majoring in geography.DATAIn the app you will find bathymetric plans of more than 300 Lithuanian water bodies. Complete list of water bodies in this link - this app you can:- Find your location on the map- Select different map layers- Choose to view the bathymetry of a water body from the list of 300 water bodies.- Mark your places on the map (places where you caught impressive catches; places where you left equipment)- Find a place by coordinates- Measure the bottom profile of the lake- Perform length and area measurements- Track your routeThe app is designed for mobile devices with Android OS.The program requires an internet connection. Gylis MOD APK

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