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Update Sat Nov 12 2022

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Description of HD Selfie Mod APK 2023

Selfie Camera for iPhone 13 - the best PROFESSIONAL and FREE selfie camera for you.Let's take perfect and sharable selfies with Selfie Camera for iPhone 13.iPhone Camera has the most popular filters and beauty effects nowadays. It has real-time beauty function, captures texture, retains the delicate, easy to take photos of tender skin, reproduces the natural and true beauty, gives your photos a more delicate texture, and focuses on the image The accumulation of technology is only to handle every photo of you!If you are a fan of Apple products, you will love Selfie Camera for iPhone 13 – iPhone camera OS 14. With a friendly interface, it’s easy for you to operate! Even Android users who are not familiar with iOS system can get used to it soon when using Selfie Camera for iPhone 13 – iPhone camera OS 14.📷 iPhone Camera Selfie Beauty+ Whiten teeth and skin, reshape cheeks, chin, eyes, forehead, mouth, nose+ Beautify skin, ruddy, bright eyes, face reshape, max aura+ iPhone Camera don't waste time changing each effect while editing great photographs.+ Auto-beautify: acne and spots are removed, and the skin is smoothed and brightened, selfie makeup+ 100+ Natural real-time beauty and cosmetics filters that can be used in both photographs and videos, photo editor image beauty💄 Photo makeup super beautiful + Adjust big eyes, make up eyes, adjust lips+ iPhone camera take selfies with available makeup styles, krishna photo editor+ Adjust lipstick, blush, brows, optional mascara style, favorite eyeliner+ Hair color, lens color, and eye color may all be changed.+ iPhone camera remove blemishes, whiten skin in photographs, and smooth face in the most natural manner+ Add accessories such as glasses, caps, and earrings in the most natural manner🎨 Highlights of iPhone camera OS 14 + iPhone camera blemishes are removed, skin is whitened in pictures, and the face is smoothed+ Slimming, elevating the nose to increase the frontal angle and angle of inclination+ Easily customize photo enhancements to your taste+ Make up your eyes, correct your lips, and adjust your huge eyes+ iPhone camera face slimming, face correction+ Add in the hairline+ Plus contouring and highlighting change the color of your hair and whiten your teeth☆ Features of Selfie Camera for iPhone 13 – iPhone camera OS 14 ☆- No-ad camera of iPhone 13 style- High quality (HD) camera helps you take selfies in high resolution- Provides quick square photo taking function- Supports 9:16, 3: 4 or 1:1 mode for photos and videos- Optional video quality in camera settings- Short video mode let you shoot 15/30/60 seconds video length automatically- iPhone 12 stylish camera for Apple fans- Auto flash has the on/off optionInstall Selfie Camera for iPhone 3– iPhone camera OS 14 for free now! To enjoy perfect selfies with a beauty camera, stickers, selfie filters, face reshape, photo editor, makeup plus!Try to take a stunning selfie with Selfie Camera for iPhone 3– iPhone camera OS 14 now! HD Selfie MOD APK

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