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Latest Version 2.5.3
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Update Sat Jan 21 2023

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Description of IpBike Mod APK 2023

IpBike is an app to turn your Android phone or tablet into a fully functional bike computer ideal for mounting on the bars of your bike. It's not just aimed at cycling it's perfectly capable of logging running and many other outdoor activities like skating, kayaking and windsurfing!Supports ANT+ See if your phone is ANT capable at product is ANT+ certified and complies with the following ANT+ device profiles:Bicycle speedBicycle cadenceBicycle combined speed and cadenceBicycle power (including pedaling effectiveness and smoothness and cycling dynamics)Heart rateSee ANT+ Compatible devices at yet certified but fully working support forStride based speed and distance (footpod)Running dynamicsEnvironment (Garmin Tempe)Muscle OxygenRemote ControlFitness equipment control (FEC)SuspensionBike lightShiftingBike RadarBluetooth low energy, Bluetooth Smart support for Heart Rate , Bike speed and cadence, running speed and cadence, Bike Power (but not 2 pedal BLE meters) and Stryd Running power.Barometric pressure sensor used to enhance altitude on compatible devices.Direct upload support for StriveMax, Google Fit, VeloHero, Today's Plan, RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks,,, Attackpoint, Strava, Trainingstagebuch, Cycling Analytics and RunningAHEAD. Direct email based upload for sites like ridewithgps and mapmytracks. Other sites supported by exporting .gpx or .tcx or .FIT ride files you can automate this process by using things like the DropBox or Drive apps.The main riding screens are all fully customisable for colour, size and number of items with all the stats you would expect (over 300 to choose from) plus some less common ones given suitable sensors like.5s Avg. Power30s Avg. PowerNormalised PowerIFTSSGOVSSPower BalanceTorque EffectivenessPedal Smoothness Pedalling %Ride Avg. inclineTotal AscentCurrent rate of climbCurrent InclineHRVheart rate beat to beatGearingCoasting timeHemoglobin concentrationBattery levelMapping support is either online or offline using MapsForge .map files.You can upload .fit .gpx or .kml route files to follow as you ride. Note there is no on device routing or turn by turn support.Real time plot available with your critical stats updated as you ride or visible post ride.Ride trim and split capability post ride.Multi step workouts can be designed with time, distance, heart rate or power based duration. Targets can be power, cadence, heart rate or speed based. Repetitions can be counts or till time or distance targets. Support for FIT workout format file import and export. Feedback on target and progress.Text to speech audio feedback available with customization over what is read back and when.IpBike aims to be feature rich - comparing to stand alone bike computes its Garmin 820 class rather than Garmin 200 or 500. If you want a simple app please look else where. If you want lots of features please be prepared to take time to learn how to use them see free version of IpBike is limited to one million wheel revolutions (or equivalent in gps only mode 2070mm wheel). For permanent use after this you will need to get the IpBikeKey app which will unlock this limitation.IpBike uses IpSensorMan to provide access to ANT+, Btle and Bluetooth sensors. If you have a compatible phone and do not have IpSensorMan installed you will be prompted to install it. You can use an ANT USB Stick if your phone supports USB host mode.If IpBike fails to start up on your device the most common cause is an issue with the Google maps setup. The release page has a version without Google Maps support you can try. IpBike MOD APK

Spending a lot of money in the early days of IpBike accumulating IpBike of in early currency is a very painful thing. Happymod IpBike mod apk will be a better choice. IpBike users have the following comments:

I'm new to it but I really loved! I got it while I had to send my Wahoo Bold for warranty replacement. But this is much more complete. It's like a mobile Golden Cheetah: shows an endless amount of data and allows customization. The user interface isn't friendly, and setting up the screen's data fields is very tricky to learn. Some observations for improvement: -There's no 3sec avg power, only instant then 5. -You can't hold a field to move it to another spot. You must instead select another metric for it, and then do the same for the other field you wanted to swap it for. -When selecting what a field shows, theres no data category, just one huge list with all possibilities. Setting up the Bolt on Wahoo Elemnt app is much easier, for comparison. -There's a basic data group on the first page that seemingly cannot be changed. so the top 4 fields are always [speed/cad/power/HR] -Swapping pages is tricky -Getting rid of the map was tricky too. -How to turn off the voice sounds for auto-pause, start, etc?..

Very powerful with steep learning curve. I love it, but I am a programmer. Probably too complex for most people desiring a bike computer app. I love it because of the customizability, primarily ability to set up my own calculations and metrics. Many options to export results to different file formats and different apps. You must be willing to tinker with it and figure things out on your own. Not much documentation. Many reviews say UI is bad, but after learning it, I find it intuitive.

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