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Know when to train, how hard to train & when to rest in order to optimise health, fitness and athletic performance.A 60 second measurement each morning will tell you how stressed, recovered and ready for training your body is. Using heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate and recovery enablers, such as stress, diet, sleep, and more, ithlete delivers a truly personalised training recommendation that anyone from a recreational runner to an Olympic athlete can use.The many benefits of having this information (quite literally) at your fingertips include:• Make the most of every training session• Manage recovery• Optimise fitness• Enjoy guilt free rest days• Avoid overtraining & injury• Balance workouts and lifestyle demands• Improve health, fitness and performanceGetting the right balance between training and recovery is a challenge, even for experienced athletes. Remove the need for guess work by using ithlete and base your training on an objective measure of fatigue and recovery. You will reap the benefits in fitness and performance. HOW IT WORKSHeart rate variability is a proven window into the body’s nervous system, going beyond a simple resting heart rate (RHR) measure. Training is all about stress and recovery and a hard session will lower your HRV score. By using ithlete to monitor training stress you can adjust sessions according to your body’s current readiness to train, improve and perform. Simply take a 1-minute measurement every morning and follow the colour coded training recommendation: train as normal, train light or take a rest day. For more about heart rate variability see FEATURED IN:• Runner’s World• Women’s Running• Cycling Weekly, Cycling Plus• Triathlon Plus & 220 Triathlon• Men’s Fitness• Bloomberg News, Fox News & USA Today• The Sunday Times Top App List & The Guardian • Medical Sports Network & Australian Institute of FitnessPLEASE NOTE:The ithlete HRV app requires additional hardware. Users will need either an ithlete Finger Sensor OR a compatible analog or Bluetooth Smart HRM strap. These are all available from Please see the website FAQs for a full list of compatible models and purchasing options.Please also note that this HRV app is NOT a heart rate monitor app, which people use during exercise. The ithlete app is an app that uses heart rate variability to indicate your state of fatigue, recovery and readiness to train following a 1 minute morning measure, and it is not used during the actual exercise. ithlete MOD APK

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