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Description of nanaco Mod APK 2023

Use electronic money “nanaco” on your smartphone!◆The app has been renewed for the first time in 12 years and is now easier to view and use◆・Easy to check points and easier to understand・Easy to exchange points for electronic money!・You can quickly check out great deals such as campaigns・Biometric authentication is now possible! (*Limited to models that can perform biometric authentication)[Introducing nanaco mobile]"nanaco Mobile" is an app that allows you to use "nanaco" electronic money, which allows you to accumulate points, on your smartphone.Convenient and advantageous electronic money that allows you to easily pay by simply swiping your finger at the cash register.Issuance fees and annual fees are free!This is electronic money that can be used at stores such as 7-Eleven of the Seven & i Holdings Group nationwide, Ito-Yokado, York-Benimaru, Denny's, and Loft.●With the app, you don't need a wallet!Download the nanaco mobile app to your Osaifu-Keitai! You can easily shop and check your balance with just your smartphone. You can also exchange points for money on the spot!*"Osaifu-Keitai (R)" is a registered trademark of NTT Docomo, Inc.●Earn points!・You can earn points by paying for products with nanaco at point-affiliated stores. Bonus points will be added on the spot when you pay for eligible items with nanaco at 7-Eleven or Ito-Yokado stores!・You can earn points for eco activities by using the plastic bottle collection machines installed at some stores such as 7-Eleven.●If you register the nanaco mobile app with a 7-Eleven, Ito-Yokado, etc. app and make a payment, you will earn double nanaco points and 7 miles!●You can check your balance and charge money at Seven Bank ATMs!●You can charge from your credit card!There is no such thing as "I can't charge unless I go to the store"!If you have nanaco mobile and an eligible credit card (Seven Card Plus, Seven Card), you can charge by simply operating the terminal. *If you are a new member of nanaco Mobile or have changed your model, you can complete the "pre-registration" procedure after 6:00 a.m. four days after joining or changing your model.●Auto charge possible!When shopping at a 7-Eleven or Ito-Yokado cash register, if your nanaco electronic money balance after payment falls below the set amount, you can automatically charge (deposit) money from your credit card and make the payment. To use the service, please complete the pre-registration procedure on the nanaco member menu.●Use points!You can exchange nanaco points for nanaco money (1 point = 1 yen) and use it for your next payment.●Recommended for these people!・I'm looking for electronic money that is easy to charge and allows me to quickly check my balance.・I'm looking for electronic money that allows me to earn points on everyday purchases.・I often shop at 7-Eleven, Ito-Yokado, etc.・Use Seven Bank (ATM) often●nanaco mobile service(1) Credit charge, auto charge(2) Discount information(3) Points → Money exchange(4) Transaction history(5) Amount deposited at the center(6) Member support(7) Model change●An example of a store where you can use it[Convenience store/supermarket]·Seven-Eleven・Ito-Yokado・York (York Mart, York Foods, York Price)・York Benimaru[Gourmet/Food]・Denny's・McDonald's·Mister Donut[Life/Living]·loft・Bic Camera·Kojima[Drug store]・Tsuruha drag・Sugi Pharmacy・Cocokara Fine【others】・Coca-Cola vending machine (Coke ON app)*Some stores are not eligible.We are gradually expanding the number of stores using this service. (As of May 2023)●Precautions for use・For details regarding the use of nanaco mobile phones, please check the membership terms and conditions.・Electronic money from nanaco mobile phones can be used at member stores that display the nanaco mark.・You can check the electronic money balance on your nanaco mobile phone at participating stores that display the nanaco mark and at the nanaco mobile app.・Electronic money stored in nanaco mobile phones cannot be exchanged for cash.・The maximum charge amount for nanaco mobile phones is 50,000 yen.・For campaign details, please check the nanaco website. nanaco MOD APK

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