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Package Name com.pakodemy
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Latest Version 85.0.5
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Update Mon Aug 21 2023

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Description of Pakodemy Mod APK 2023

Take advantage of new technologies to stay ahead of your competitors during the exam preparation process.Study Plan Just for You:Choose 10 weekly missions for yourself based on your level in the topics. Perform these tasks.Add What You Work Outside of the Application to the Program:At home, at school, in the classroom, for which course, which subject, how much did you study? You can add the question banks you use in different sources and the practice exams you enter to your study program. So you can always follow what's going on.Track Work Statistics:You should always follow the situation on the way to university and high school preparation. You can see how long you have worked on a time-based or question-based basis at any time. Keep track of how much you study for each lesson. Proceed in the direction of the goal you set every week or every month, do not deviate from your goal.Solve Questions According to Your Level:During the exam preparation process, easy questions can steal your time. Difficult questions according to your level may cause you to lose your enthusiasm. Algorithms specially developed by Pakodemy for YKS and LGS understand your level over time. It finds the questions you need to solve among thousands of questions and brings them to you. Thus, you will not lose your time with easy questions and your enthusiasm with difficult questions.Solve As Many Questions From Any Publisher You Want:Pakodemy contains more than 350,000 questions from different publishers and different courses. You can choose between your favorite YKS or LGS sources with Pakodemy. In your opinion, are the Turkish questions of a publisher better than the Mathematics questions of another publisher? Choose the publishing house you want, determine the frequency of questions in the lessons, reach your university and high school goals with the right questions.Which YKS/LGS Resources Are Available at Pakodemy:Palme Publishing, Solution Publications, Quality Publications, Inscription Publications, 3D Publications, Education Valley Publications, Test School Publications, Polimat Publications, Delta Culture Publications, Pano Publications, M+ Publications, Buga Publications, Açı Publications, Legend Publications, Karat Publications, Answer Publications , Tactic Ben Publications.Website: www.pakodemy.comSend Your Wishes and Opinions to Pakodemy: [email protected] Pakodemy on Social Media: of use: Pakodemy MOD APK

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Download Pakodemy Mod Apk from Happymod Tutorial

A. Download and install the Happymod apk at

B. Search for Pakodemy in the Happymod app.

C. Click the desired mod in the Pakodemy search results list.

D. Click download package to install Pakodemy mod apk directly.