App Name ProAudio Tools
Package Name com.proaudiotools
Size 2.36 MB
Latest Version 2.2
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Update Sun Jan 29 2023

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Description of ProAudio Tools Mod APK 2023

ProAudio Tools Release 3.1 includes:1. Sound level meter with the following options: * Different time acquisition; Slow (1 s), Fast (125 ms), Impulse (75 ms) * Upside Down Mode * Calibration option * Reference of common sound pressure levels of applications. * Represented minimum, maximum and average dB value (press at the blinking "Capturing Audio" to restart the levels)2. Real Time Analyzer: * Capture frequencies up to 8000 Hz * Hold captureWARNING: The smart phone has a limited audio response. Also there is a 16 bit resolution so it´s only possible to reach a maximum of 32767 levels instead of the real level range (0.0002 to 200 Pa) of the difference sound pressure, that give us a total a range of 90 dB (not 120 dB) ProAudio Tools MOD APK

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Free no adds. And accurate beat that!! Ive got a $300 spl/db meter. This is just as accurate

Why google says it 'contains ads' ? I did not see any. Are them hiden ads? Also why i cant add this to wish list?

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