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Update Fri Sep 01 2023

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Description of Sky Tonight Mod APK 2023

Sky Tonight is a brand-new astronomical app for exploring the sky. It helps stargazers answer the three most common questions:★ What is that bright dot in the sky?★ What astronomical events can I see tonight?★ How can I find the object I'm interested in?Made by the developers of Star Walk apps, Sky Tonight is a customizable stargazing tool, that is designed for users with different needs and wants. You can adjust the constellation's appearance, set a reminder for any space body configuration, explore the unique relative to observer trajectory, set up a magnitude limit to filter out space objects, and much more.Sky Tonight features:► Point your device at the sky to see the real-time positions of space objects on the interactive sky map.► Activate the Time Machine and determine the position of celestial bodies at different time periods.► Use the augmented reality mode and see the sky map overlaid on the image from your device's camera.► Get extended information about any sky object by tapping on its name.► Stay updated on the latest news from the world of astronomy with the What's new section.► Turn on the night mode to make your sky observation in the nighttime more comfortable.► Filter the objects that appear on the sky map according to their visual brightness.► Regulate the brightness of objects on the sky map.► Spot dozens of asterisms along with the official constellations. ► Adjust the visible constellations and customize their representation on the screen.Unique features:◆ Interactive trajectories relative to an observerInstead of the classic trajectory that shows the object’s trajectory in the celestial sphere relative to the Earth’s center, the app presents the object’s trajectory in the sky relative to an observer. A long touch on the trajectories relative to the observer will move the sky object to the selected point. While holding the touch, move your finger along the trajectory to change the time.◆ Flexible searchMake use of the flexible search — quickly find space objects, easily navigate across different objects and events’ types. Look for "stars", "mars moons", "mars conjunctions", "solar eclipse", and the app will show you all related objects, events, and articles!There are also Trending and Recent categories in the search section. The first one presents the currently most popular objects, events, or news; the second category contains objects you recently selected. ◆ Fully customizable event remindersSet event reminders on any time and date not to miss a solar eclipse, a Full Moon, or a star-planet configuration you're interested in.◆ Astronomy calendar with a stargazing index and weather forecastCheck out the calendar of celestial events that includes lunar phases, meteor showers, eclipses, oppositions, conjunctions, and other exciting events. Learn what astronomy events will occur this month or see what happened in the sky a year ago!Verify the Stargazing Index calculated from a Moon phase, light pollution, cloudiness, and time when an object is visible. The higher this index is, the better the observation conditions are.You don’t need several apps for your stargazing planning anymore; Sky Tonight contains all the info you need.Premium Access:* The app includes paid Premium Access. Get Premium Access to use Sky Tonight with no limits! Without the subscription, you can’t see most of the interface items in various sections such as Visible Tonight, Calendar, and Search. Therefore, you’re limited in planning and improving your observations. Premium Access will allow you to unlock all the interface items in any view and make the most of all the app’s features. Advertisements will also be removed not to interrupt your stargazing experience. Sky Tonight MOD APK

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I absolutely love that I can just point in the direction of the star I see and get its name and more info. I can lessen the visual magnitude to only see the stars that are visible to the naked eye or increase it to see everything there which is great when wanting to learn about the full constellation system of the stars. And it's all free! I enjoy this app very much.

This is very legitimately one of the coolest apps I have ever downloaded, if not the coolest. It is literally everything I have wanted in a stargazing app. Very easy to use, perfect simplicity in function by allowing you to see on the app exactly what you see in the sky by pointing your phone at it, awesome extra features like being able to click on an object & get info about it. Truly 10/10. Big recommendations.

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