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Update Wed Mar 29 2023

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Description of Terremoti Italia Mod APK 2023

Try the free version first. But then uninstall it before purchase.Stay up to date on the latest earthquakes in Italy and view them on the map along the active faults and seismic hazard map of Italian.Check the distance from your home, the instrumental duration of the shock and the people involved in the event.Share on Facebook, Twitter or Wathsapp, or via email or SMS.Search earthquakes occurred from the year 1000.Always keep an eye on the map widget with the latest events (may not work if the app is moved to SD).Watch as she seismic sequences are performed.Available notice of new shocks and automatic updating of the list when the application is inactive.From time to time it may be included in the list even very strong earthquakes occurred in other parts of the world but also recorded by Italian instruments.The data are taken from the National Institute of Geophysics site that publish them at least 15-30 minutes after the quake.frequently asked questions1) Do not I receive notifications of new shocks: why?Increasingly we come across energy saving systems on Android phones that bring into "hibernation" the applications. To properly receive notifications must avoid Earthquakes Italy ends the list of those to be "put to sleep".2) Because it does not work anymore the widget?You probably have moved the application on SD. Android does not allow the operation of widget app that are on SD.3) Sometimes the alerts do not arrive or arrive late.If the app is moved to SD, there may be some disruption when the SD is removed.4) When I open the map the application crashes.There are some Android devices on the market with a defect in the Google map display software. If the problem also occurs with other applications may be due to this.5) Why is there a half-hour delay between the shock and the notice in the application?Is there a minimum delay with which the public INGV data. There are currently more rapid sources. Sometimes the delay may also increase (1 hour); rarely decrease.6) The application would be more useful if it gave the warning BEFORE the quake. It can be done?It sounds like a joke, but occasionally is asked this question (even among the app comments). Unfortunately the scientific knowledge today DO NOT ALLOW TO PREDICT time and place of the shock. In Italy we are the forefront of research in this field and we know very well, however, what are the areas most at risk where you have to build with due caution!7) Why is the time reported is different from that of the INGV site?The time of the INGV site is to Greenwich without DST. The application, however, shows the correct time with the phone settings (+2 in Italy with DST).8) You may have added a filter about the places of interest?Locations are added by INGV technical and not necessarily follow a well-defined convention: there is a distance-based filter and the distance display of shock.9) you may have a longer historical?The historian is based on data of the Italian Seismic Bulletin dating back to 2002 and a historical database with data up to the year 1000.10) What have earthquakes of other nations?In some cases the INGV also includes these earthquakes, evidently because of considerable intensity and also detected by us.11) When I open the map app crashes.There are some devices on the market with ROM badly made, on which the app using Google maps (except Google Maps) do not work.One of these is the Mediacom 715 (first version),12) To what scale is the magnitude?Richter scale Terremoti Italia MOD APK

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