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Package Name de.bund.toxfox
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Latest Version 4.0.35
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Update Mon Jan 30 2023

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Description of ToxFox Mod APK 2023

Already 2 million people use the ToxFoxTrack down pollutants, protect health and put manufacturers under pressure: With the ToxFox you will become a sleuth yourself and set an example for more transparency and better products!Many products contain chemicals that can harm health and the environment. BUND developed the ToxFox so that you can check cosmetics and everyday products for harmful substances.The cosmetics checkScan barcode - recognize poison. The ToxFox gives you immediate information on more than 250,000 cosmetic and personal care products. Whether hormonal pollutants, nanoparticles or microplastics - the ToxFox uncovers them for you! Simply scan the barcode on the packaging.The poison question for everyday productsWith the poison question, the ToxFox finds pollutants in everyday products such as toys, household goods, hygiene products, furniture, carpets, shoes, textiles and electronic devices. Harmful chemicals can accumulate in the body and, in the long term, lead to diseases such as diabetes, cancer or infertility. Scan the barcode on the packaging with the iPhone camera. If there is already information about harmful ingredients, this is displayed immediately. Otherwise you can use the ToxFox to ask the manufacturer directly whether the product contains harmful substances. He is legally obliged to reply within 45 days. The information ends up with you and in our database - where it is immediately visible to all consumers. The ToxFox is getting smarter and smarter - and with it its users. A simple question that has a double effect. Manufacturers understand: products should be free of harmful substances! And contaminated products become slow sellers.Support ToxFoxOver a million people use the ToxFox of BUND e.V. - free of charge. That's the way it should stay. Support our work with a donation: protection ToxFox to Ackee for testing assistance. ToxFox MOD APK

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