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7 Points to choose Yahoo! Weather1. Simple design that can be understood at a glance2. High performance rain cloud radar3. Notifications when rain clouds are approaching4. Notification of approaching typhoon5. Various widgets6. Complete disaster information such as earthquakes and tsunamis7. Live weather posted by everyoneMain featuresWeather forecastYou can see weather forecasts for each city, ward, town, and village up to 17 days in advance, detailed hourly weather forecasts, and real-time temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.- Get the weather forecast for your current location at any time- Easily search for the area or facility you want to know about the weather- You can register up to 5 favorite locations and facilities.- Detailed hourly weather forecast for up to 72 hours- Know the timing of sunrise and sunset- You can see real-time temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure *Outdoor measurementsRain cloud radarWeather radar observations and high-resolution precipitation nowcast predictions are continuously displayed on the map. You can see the state of rain clouds and precipitation up to 15 hours ahead.Other radar features- Wind radarYou can intuitively understand the wind strength and flow on the map.Understand changes in wind speed and direction at pinpoint points- Lightning RadarUnderstand past lightning strikes and the possibility of future lightning strikes- Typhoon movement (only when it occurs)You can view the typhoon's path for up to 5 days on a high-performance map- Rain and snow radar (winter only)You can see the difference between rain and snow and know when it will start snowing.- Snow depth (winter only)You can see how much snow has accumulated as of that morning.Push notifications total 10 typesWe will promptly notify you of weather information that is useful in your daily life and disaster prevention information that will protect you from disasters.- Weather forecastYou can be notified of the weather forecast for today and tomorrow- Rain clouds approachingPredicts the approach of rain clouds to your current location or registered points and notifies you before it rains.- Heavy rain riskWe will notify you of the announcement of the 5-level heavy rain warning level introduced in 2019.- Temperature differenceNotifies you when the temperature difference from the next day exceeds the set conditions- Weather warningNotifies you of announcements and cancellations of weather warnings in the set area.- TyphoonYou can select notifications for the occurrence, approach, and disappearance of typhoons.- Video newsNotify you of the latest weather news explained by a weather forecaster- HeatstrokeNotifies you of today's heatstroke risk at the selected levelWe will also notify you when a heatstroke warning alert is announced.- PollenYou can receive pollen information for today and tomorrow by selecting the amount of pollen scattered.- NoticeNotifications from Yahoo WeatherEveryone's weatherWeather information created by everyone's posts. It can also be used for forecasting when used in conjunction with weather forecasts and rain cloud radar.Widgets in total 5 typesWe have made popular features into widgets. It comes in a variety of designs and sizes, and you can view weather information without starting the app.- 1-day forecast, 2-day forecast, 4-day forecastYou can see the weather forecast for the set areaYou can choose from 6 designs- Temperature graphDisplays 24-hour temperature trends in comparison with the previous day.There are two designs: white and black.- Rain cloud radarYou can see the current state of rain clouds in the set area.There are two designs: white and black.Weather/disaster prevention information- Pollen information (seasonally limited)You can see the weekly pollen scattering with a 4-level indexYou can see hourly changes in pollen scattering on the radar map.- Heatstroke information (seasonally limited)Understand the six levels of heatstroke riskYou can see the dangerous time period in a graph- PM2.5 informationYou can see the PM2.5 concentration for today and tomorrow using a 5-level index.You can see the distribution forecast map every 3 hours up to 2 days in advance.- Kosa informationYou can see the impact of today and tomorrow's yellow sand on a 7-level index.You can see the distribution forecast map every 3 hours up to 2 days in advance.- Heavy rain warning level mapYou can see the danger of landslides in real timeAlso includes landslide warning areas, flood inundation areas, etc. nationwide.- River water levelWe provide maps and graphs of the danger levels and water levels of rivers across the country.- Other informationDisaster information such as earthquakes and tsunamis, weather maps, observation information such as AMeDAS, etc.About usageCompatible OS: Android 8.0 or higher*If you are unable to update the OS due to the circumstances of your device, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please consider using the browser version of Yahoo! Weather/Disaster. application is subject to the LINE Yahoo Common Terms of Use Please check before using.- LINE Yahoo Common Terms of Use Special terms regarding usage environment information Yahoo! Weather/Disaster provided by: Afro Y!天気 MOD APK

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