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Genre Strategy
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Latest Version 9.9.9
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Update Tue Jun 07 2022

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Description of 一统天下 Mod APK 2023

The sky is dead, and the yellow sky shall stand! Plan tactics, dominate the world! Historical names will be incorporated under your command, control your city, strategic deployment, and accomplish your Three Kingdoms hegemony!Experience the thrill of fighting for hegemony and dominating the world in the history of the Three Kingdoms!【Game Features】 ❖Uninterrupted 24-hour national warfare, real-time change of territory battle conditions❖Raising soldiers will spend a thousand days! In addition to managing the territory, it also allows you to have a real experience of national warfare! Can be played on computers, phones, tablets! Let you fight wherever you go in the national war!❖Cross-server competition, became famous in World War I, and became the sole overlord of the Three Kingdoms❖Do you feel that your opponents are old faces and are not challenging? The cross-server system allows you to dominate the entire server and become a hero! In addition, cross-server competitions can get more extra benefits, just sign up!❖Hundred officials of civil and military, famous generals of the three countries, all under his command ❖Utilizing the special skills of each general, the team formation is ever-changing! Choose from a variety of collocations, come and combine to form the strongest army of the Three Kingdoms in your mind!❖The magic weapon is in hand, invincible; R&D technology, invincible ❖In addition to the strategic strategy of the king, the weapon technology system that is indispensable for controlling the battle situation! Research and develop a variety of technologies, with weapons and gems, let you win every battle!❖Sacrifice resources, Zhuge’s horoscope borrowed from the east wind, burned the Soochow series ship ❖The black market in exchange for resources, sacrifices for blessings, astrology, and chariot systems are waiting for you to discover!❖Daily national missions, refreshing and exciting ❖There are different tasks every day from 10:00 to 12:00 in the morning, 15:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon, and 8:00 to 12:00 in the evening. As long as you complete the task, you can get additional awards! Hurry up and make a strategy for the world with other players in the same country!❖Various activities, rewards to get cool ❖A variety of activities to enhance your combat power, such as playing trial towers to gain experience, playing special levels to get gems, iron resources, etc., so good, not coming soon![Novice Good Health] "Great rewards for logging in for 15 consecutive days"Log in every day to get free gold coins, resources and other military resources. On the 5th day of logging in, you will add more money to give away female generals-Zhu Rong, so that players can easily have powerful generals to fight national warfare!『Giving gifts to each other at level』As long as the players meet the specified level conditions, they can get various level rewards!"Clear the level and cut a lot of gold coins"As long as the player is at least level 20, within 72 hours, the dungeon clears the designated level and can receive ingot rewards"Trial Challenge of the Test Chain Tower"Players who have reached level 53 and above, within 144 hours, as long as they meet the specified test chain tower clearance conditions, they can get gem rewards!"Weapon spectrum, compare ranks to get military resources"Players who have reached level 43 or above, after turning on the weapon function, within 96 hours, the total weapon level reaches a certain condition, and a large amount of iron can be obtained!This software is classified as: Supplementary Level 12.【Facebook Fan Group】 一统天下 MOD APK

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