App Name アスタタ
Package Name
Genre RPG
Size 79.35 MB
Latest Version 1.4.0
MOD Info
Update Sat Sep 30 2023

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Description of アスタタ Mod APK 2023

Studio FgG's largest project ever, teamed up with AniplexFull-fledged simulation RPG "Aster Tatarix" finally appears as a smartphone game!There is only one destiny to choose from    ──A lover, a friend, or a family member?Set in a fantasy world based on "The Legend of King Arthur", the Knights of the Round Table fight against the monster "Barbaroi" that eats human memories!During the game, the player is forced to make various choices, which branch the story. If you had to sacrifice one of your "beloved woman", "best friend" or "irreplaceable family member" to save the world, what would you choose?◆ The story "branchs" with your choices    Will the ending be reached—love, bond, or remorse?A dramatic story unfolds with the “largest volume” in the history of smartphone games, and the ending of all routes is implemented from the time of release!Depending on the player's "choice", the story "branchs" and each has a different ending.A touching ending or a shocking ending, it's all up to you!◆ That one move overturns the war situation    Strategic simulation battleA battle system that can be said to be the true value of Studio FgG, which worked on "Phantom of Kill" and "Who's Alchemist".A simulation battle where you place your own camp in a grid-like field and fight with simple operations unique to your smartphone! You can enjoy a sweaty battle where each move influences the strategy.Confront the enemy with your original strategy by making full use of "Kizuna Action" that is activated in cooperation with allies and "Custom Skills" that can be changed arbitrarily!A magnificent drama drawn with the highest qualityIndustry-leading art created by Studio FgG's proud content production team "G-ROW ARTISTRY". Beautiful 3D graphics create an immersive story. Magnificent orchestral music written by master Yoko Shimomura. Experience an immersive experience like never before! アスタタ MOD APK

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