App Name Alchemica
Package Name com.gdi.crunchybit.alchemica
Genre RPG
Size 80.87 MB
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Unlimited Money
Update Tue Jul 04 2023

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Description of Alchemica Mod APK 2023

CHAPTER 2 IS NOW AVAILABLE! No internet connection is required for playMain Features• A blend of traditional turn-based JRPG, shop simulation management game, plus puzzle gameplay.• Be an adventurer! Explore dungeons, fight dozens of unique enemies, and collect valuable ingredients. • Be an alchemist! Use your alchemy skill to discover various alchemical recipes and craft various precious items.• Be a shopkeeper! Manage and run your alchemy shop, sell your crafted items, win over customers, and become a successful merchant.• Retro-style role playing game with hand drawn pixel art graphics.• Light hearted story with lots of interesting characters to interact with.Welcome to Rochendil, a fantasy realm full of magic and mystery. Peace has reigned over the continent for years, but signs of dark times are looming on the horizon.Journey as Charlotte, a young female alchemist returning to her hometown to pursue her dream to become a successful merchant. Little does she know about her future role in determining the fate of her world...Story Rich Gameplay• Follow the story of Charlotte as she travels across interesting places, all hand-drawn in classical 16-bit retro-style RPG of old.• The world of Rochendil is brimming with magic and technology. Talk to various NPCs, discover interesting quests, solve challenging puzzles and reap your reward.• Unlock new mechanics, new places, and new people as the story progresses.• Collect mysterious Arkana dolls that act as your travel companion and grant various power to aid your adventure.Explore Dungeons• Adventure through multiple levels of randomly generated dungeons connected through a mysterious network of ancient portals.• Win battles versus many unique enemies in engaging classic turn-based combat to obtain their loot.• Stock up valuable materials, loots, and treasures along the way.• Put your skill to the test against enemy bosses with challenging mechanics to beat.Craft Items• Merge various materials using your alchemy skills into useful and more valuable items.• Discover over 100+ alchemical item combinations through experiments and quests. • Use items you crafted yourself to become more powerful and win battles, or just sell them on your shop to gain coins.• Master your craft. Mix potions of various elements and use them to your advantage. Discover enemies' weakness and craft specialized potions to beat them.Gain Profit• Fill your store with loots you obtained and items you crafted through alchemy.• Haggle your way with various type of customers to earn maximum profit.• Become a renowned and successful merchant!Facebook: : : Alchemica MOD APK

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