App Name Among Us
Package Name com.innersloth.spacemafia
Genre Multiplayer
Size 177.1 MB
Latest Version 2022.9.20
MOD Info
Update Thu Sep 22 2022


In recent years, more and more games that emphasize social attributes have appeared in front of people. Especially for some special reasons, contact between people has become less than before, so there is a greater demand for games that emphasize interaction between players. Among Us is one of the games that has been widely discussed in the past two years. After a period of silence, Among Us suddenly became a hit in 2020, and even won the best mobile game of TGA in 2020.



Among Us Mod is a very interesting reasoning game. The game is divided into two camps: crewmate and imposter, and players will automatically be assigned one of these roles. In the game, players need to find their companions in the same camp as soon as possible and complete corresponding tasks. If you're a crew member, you'll need to complete multiple missions in a spaceship or alien base to win, while trying to avoid being killed by impostors. The crew finds their comrades through reasoning and determines who the evil undercover is before the game is over. This game requires players to pay attention to every detail and make inferences based on the details, and also examines the cooperation and information communication between players.



During the voting discussion, the crew will work together to find all the impostors and throw them out of the airlock. Depending on the player's settings before turning on the bar, there can be up to 3 impostors in a game. The impostors do not see any difference in appearance from ordinary crew members. But contrary to the crew, the impostors don't try their best to complete the missions on the map, instead assassinating and sabotaging. Impostors can use assassination skills to kill in the free action phase, while in the voting phase, they will try their best to confuse the public and induce other crew members to vote to exile their teammates for self-protection, and survive to the next action phase. After that, the impostor can continue hunting.



In order to avoid boredom and embarrassment after players are eliminated, the game introduces a special character, which is also the feature that distinguishes Among Us Mod apk from other games. Players killed by impostors or banished in the voting session will turn into ghosts and continue the game. Ghosts have no field of vision restrictions and can move freely around the map. After becoming a ghost, the player is not without goals. On the contrary, he needs to continue to complete tasks and help his team win. For this reason, if you are eliminated early, don't be discouraged, for you are still an important part of winning.



From the above description, you can feel that this is a game that emphasizes interaction and social interaction. Players need to gain the trust of others with their own eloquence in the voting session. In the face of doubts, you need to be brave enough to ask your own questions; in the face of doubts from other players, you also need to give strong answers. Speaking is an art, and you will experience the charm of language communication in Among Us Mod. The emphasis on social features makes Among Us especially suitable for enjoying with your friends at parties. If you want to get acquainted with a new friend quickly, this game is also perfect for you. All in all, this is a game that helps you make friends.



Among Us Mod uses simple lines to make graphics very cute, and the game's music is also very attractive. The game introduces a very rich task system, but the biggest fun is the psychological struggle between players. If you like parties and party games, Among Us is undoubtedly one of the best

choices for you and your friends to have fun together.