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Can you put in an Olympic performance, or will you succumb to the myths? Test you knowledge of ancient Greece with our history quiz.Want to improve your knowledge? You can read more about about the ancient Greeks on our ancient Greece hub page, where you can explore what life was really like in the Hellenic world. Highlights include 14 famous Greeks, where slaves fitted into Greek society, the birth of democracy and the whims of the Greek gods.Our application contains questions on ancient Greece that will help you gain new knowledge about the history of Greece. The history game contains quizzes about greece by passing which you can see the correct answers and evaluate your knowledge.Ancient Greece has a huge importance in the history of humanity. From Leonidas to Alexander the Great, ancient Greece boasts men of great valor. Take the online ancient greece quizzes and learn interesting facts as you play.In ancient Greece, people were very fond of games and competitions. The first Olympic Games were even invented there - competitions for the strongest and most enduring athletes. And now everyone loves games - and there are a great many of them. For example, the game "Ancient Greece - a quiz."Today in the quiz we discussed the myths of Ancient Greece. Many of them we know from classical Greek applications. But some myths remain unknown to the general public. For example, many do not know that the Greek alphabet was invented by the god Demeter and the goddess Athena. The Greek dictionary was invented by the god Apollo. And these are just a few myths of Ancient Greece.Greek games are games that you can find all over Greece. They are based on Greek mythology and allow you to immerse yourself in the world of ancient Greek gods and heroes. If you are planning a trip to Greece, then this guide to Greece will help you find the best Greek games and attractions.Are you constantly looking for quizzes about the myths of ancient Greece? You are on the right track. Here is a quiz about the ancient Greek gods, heroes and monsters! Who was Aphrodite's husband? Who is the minotaur? You can find these and other questions here.Ancient Greece was a land of gods and heroes, great temples and great ideas. What do you know about ancient Greece? Test your knowledge of great ancient Greek figures and their famous sayings by taking this multiple-choice quiz.For those who dreamed of following in the footsteps of Hercules and Jason, feeling like a demigod and visiting Mount Olympus, we have compiled a selection of the most interesting games about Ancient Greece.The myths of Ancient Greece are familiar to most of us from the school bench, legends about brave heroes, epic battles and terrible monsters even then excited minds. Ancient Greek culture gave rise to great scientists, philosophers and artists, the architecture of ancient temples and palaces to this day delights even a simple layman.The period of history has always been almost the most interesting: 300 Spartans, Troy, Alexander. Today we have a unique opportunity to explore almost the entire territory of Ancient Greece, swim in triremes, meet important historical characters, climb the most interesting sights, and scream This is Sparta.If you have an irresistible desire to quickly go to Hellas, then especially for you we have selected the best questions about Ancient Greece. Ancient Greece Quiz MOD APK

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