Version: 2.25.2
Unlimited money skills/onehit
App Name Bladebound
Package Name com.artifexmundi.balefire
Genre RPG
Size 1.02 GB
Latest Version 2.25.2
MOD Info
Unlimited money skills/onehit
Update Wed Mar 01 2023

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Description of Blade Bound Mod APK 2023

Stay awhile and RAGE!Shadow has fallen upon the realm of men. Legendary heroes were slain. But the game of war is not over yet.🔥 💀🔥 You are a Bladebound, the last remnant of a fallen order. The Sentinel, a powerful goddess, brought you back to life. With her aid, you will bring back peace into the world of war. Craft marvelous gear and embark on an epic quest to regain the legacy of your cruelly slain brethren.🔥 💀🔥 Discord brought drastic fate to the World of Ezura in the past game of thrones. The Dragon Betrayer destroyed the Blade Bound order, the last bastion of hope. No one can escape his strong-arm régime. But his vainglory will be his downfall.🔥 💀🔥 Become a brave dungeon hunter, bounty hunting witcher or be a grinder always looking for a greater loot. No matter which of the endless paths you choose there is a great adventure awaiting you.FACE YOUR LINEAGE TODAY!⚔️ DISCOVER THE WORLD OF EZURAExplore dozens of locations, run through forests, marshlands, ice caverns, abandoned mines, ancient ruins, and many more diverse environments.⚔️ SLAIN YOUR OPPONENTSFight against beasts, demons, goblins, assassins, wizards and, of course, flying seahorses. Raid enemy bastions with powerful attacks and spells combinations. Hunt down The Brutal Impaler, Master of Witchcraft, King of Blizzard of The Icy Tower and other challenging bosses.⚔️ CRAFT YOUR GEARFill your inventory with weapons, armors, artifacts, and lots of different loot from your battlefields. Enhance your equipment by fusing it with the hearthstone and vast variety of mystical ingredients. Collect enchanted amulets, scrolls, and other mighty charms. Create a true marvel like The Sword of Eternal Flames or The Necklace of Eternity.⚔️ COMPETE WITH OTHER PLAYERSTake part in the contest of champions. Test yourself against other mighty warriors at the PVP Arena and battle your way to the top ranks.⚔️ PARTICIPATE IN EVENTS AND CHALLENGESBoost your experience and claim unique rewards by entering Daily and Weekly Events as well as accepting Challenges. Practice the art of war by fighting waves of diabolic hordes on the Monster Hunt.⚔️ TAME THE ELEMENTSChoose your emblem. Master the forces of fire, water and other powers of nature. Learn unique, deadly skills bound to hundreds of different weapons, armors, and artifacts. Combine them into extraordinary sets of equipment.⚔️ HACK AND SLASHRun, fight, crash, slay, craft, rave, raid, and grind but most of all enjoy one of the RPG mobile legends.⚔️ AN EPIC ADVENTURE AWAITS YOUImmerse yourself in dozens of hours of an epic story. Unite with your Sentinel and become a true god of war. Challenge yourself on different difficulty levels. Use controls designed exclusively for mobile devices. Experience old school isometric gameplay. Join hardcore MMORPG and Hack and Sash fans appreciating this Action RPG.⚔️ AAA QUALITY MOBILE GAMEBest Mobile RPG – Digital Dragons Awards 2018 console-like graphics and old-school feeling of classic isometric RPG games!Spectacular special effects and smooth gameplay.Find out that a mobile RPG in epic AAA quality is possible.Approach six chapters of the Bladebound tale.Chapter Seven is on the way.Bladebound support languages: English, Russian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Polish, Japanese and Turkish.💎 STAY UP TO DATE!💎🔹Join the Order: 💥 Bladebound requires Android 4.4 or higher and the minimum of 2GB RAM. Internet connection is necessary. The game also requires about 0.9GB of free disk space. 💥 Blade Bound MOD APK

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