App Name Defense Legend 3
Package Name com.GCenter.Defense.Legend3
Genre Strategy
Size 76.43 MB
Latest Version 2.7.6
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Update Wed Aug 03 2022

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Description of Defense Legend 3 Mod APK 2023

We are pleased to introduce the next part of the Tower Defense game series: Defense Legend 3 - Future War. You will have an exciting experience With Defense Legend 3: Future War. Tower Defense 2 ended: the dark forces were repelled. However, a part of them escaped and planned to reinforce their forces to attack our world. Defense Legend 3: Future War inherits and develops the unique features of Tower Defense_Defense Legend 2. In addition, Defense Legend 3: Future War has also added new features such as: superheroes, weapon diversity, map diversity… Combination of tactical defense and role-playing is a special feature in Defense Legend 3: Future War. The player are both the commander who has a strategy and the superheroes who fights the evil forces. # NEW FEATURESuperheroes is a new feature that make a difference for Defense Legend 3: Future War. Moreover, the weapon will be updated constantly to help players have new tactics. Simultaneously, the evil forces also develop new creatures constantly that make it difficult for players. Players have to have flexible strategies to deal with them. Boss of the enemy directly takes part in the battle that increases difficulty for players. # ITEMSDefense Legend 3: Future War inherits and develops the weapons that brought victory in Tower Defense 2: Defense Legend 2. + LDC-055-G3(landmine consortium_generation-III): The third - generation landmine supports in case of large numbers of enemy troops.+ UXO-W-II(Unexploded ordnance-waves-II): The second-generation sound waves are upgraded with greater power than the previous generation, produces sound waves that destroy enemies on a large scale.+ I-A-III(Ice-Age-III): The ice wave freezes all enemies on the way in a certain period of time.+ BF1-III(stealth bomber – future-III): The third - generation BF1 Combat Team with five planes which carry bombs to destroy a large of enemies.+ Hellfire Area II: Upgrade hellfire area with faster speed shoot that destroys all enemies on the way.+ Supergun-FII: Version II of the Supergun-F, which operates like a cannon with a nuclear warhead. Terrible destruction. Shooting range is not limited. Version II is upgraded with auto-attack feature.+W-R-II(Wheel reaper): Weapons with the death wheel symbol will always be the terror of enemy. The version II is upgraded and searches enemy better.+A-B-S-II(Air Bomb Storm): Super weapons are made by the army. Weapons combine energy in the air and release massive amounts of energy to kill enemies.+ The military not only upgrades old weapons but also develops new weapons to fight to the dark forces. # MAP DIVERSITYWe will fight in a lot of different terrains, from the hot desert to the frozen land or mountain....v.vIn Tower Defense 2: Defense Legend 2, we have to fight in different terrains that forces us to have the best tactic for each terrain. It proves that we can completely overcome all situations by the best strategy. Defense Legend 3: Future War will bring many surprises to the players.Players are ready to become commanders or powerful heroes to defeat the enemy. Enjoy the Defense Legend 3: Future War! Please give us feedback to improve the game for a better experience. Thank you so much!Fanpage: : Defense Legend 3 MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of Defense Legend 3 accumulating Defense Legend 3 of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod Defense Legend 3 mod apk will be a better choice. Defense Legend 3 users have the following comments:

Wow, just amazing, no jokes.. Compare the best tower defence games I had the chance to play with, I can tell that this one, looks more organised, in fact every time you finish a game there is the message confirming that progress is saved. Is really enjoyable also for the graphics, the tutorial is a bit annoying, but at the end you'll be in your own knowing what to do as soldier and enjoy building strategic and sophisticated weapons.

Pretty top notch in my book so 5 stars for all around quality. This tower defense has great graphics and concept is easy to catch on to. Not every TD is the same, DL3 is not too intricate as I've seen tds do. Its a good balance and def replayability (given the changes/upgrades able to be made to each thing fighting for you, with a decent variety of towers, items, things to collect and more) Very deserving of all 5 stars!

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