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Genre RPG
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Update Sun Oct 30 2022

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Description of Identity Forwarded Mod APK 2023

Identity Forwarded is an action RPG that takes place in a large open world, in which you can explore, fight, use guns and generally get up to mischief. However, if your character dies you’ll be reincarnated as someone/something else, with your new incarnation being chosen based on your actions, karmas and interests from the last life.Forwarding of your identity to the new incarnation means that your new character will inherit some of the skills and abilities from previous lives. Your eventual goal is to become reincarnated as God, giving you access to the GOD Mode and allowing you to have lots of fun with the quirky low poly city.Key Features:• Create good or bad karmas and destroy them as Consciousness observing Mind.• Aura displays Karma, green for good and red for bad, have fun balancing it.• Reincarnate as different creature (human/animal) every time you die or spawn at hospital if injured.• Interact with nearby Creatures(eg. Donate health/Steal money), Vehicles(Drive peacefully) and Smart Objects.• Eventual goal to became reincarnated as GOD, giving you access to GOD Mode.• Keep fewer Karma to stay in GOD Mode.• Reincarnation depends on yours actions, karma and interests from the previous lives.• Reincarnation means new character will inherit some of the skills and abilities from previous lives.• Explore the large open world including city/desert/mountain/military base/island/port etc.• Steal cars, use guns/bat/pan/pipe etc., eat different food items and do the mischief.• Use special type of weapons including pistol, desert eagle, revolver, assault rifle, smg etc.• Drive different types of vehicle including cars, helicopter, planes, tank etc.• Complete various tasks, jobs, missions, challenges and switch jobs based on your abilities.• Win over 70 task items on timeline.• Dreams being special missions giving you extraordinary/random powers.• Beautiful Day-Night and Weather cycles.• Highly optimized to run smoothly on low end devices and consume less power.A perfect mix of philosophy, spirituality, quantum physics, utility management and definitely an extension of open-world games like GTA Vice City, PUBG etc.Tags: Karma Mania, Human Aura, Spirit Vision, Mind, Consciousness, Cartoon Game, Big World, Box Graphics, Low Poly, Karma Rewarding, Metro Trains, Rail Tracks, Heli, Aircraft, Guns, Shooting, Foods, Apple, Cold Drink, Be a Soldier, Pilot, Police, Guard, Apartments, Sea Beach, Short Island, Mountains, Urban, City, DesertMade with ❤️ by Pixrift GamesVisit our website:www.pixrift.comFollow us on social Identity Forwarded MOD APK

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