Judgment Game Tricky Puzzles

Version: 1.17.3
App Name Judgment Game Tricky Puzzles
Package Name com.unicostudio.toweroffate
Genre Educational
Size 192.73 MB
Latest Version 1.17.3
MOD Info
Update Fri Apr 14 2023

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Judgment Game: Tricky Puzzles has gone through many versions over the years. Judgment Game: Tricky Puzzles 2018, Judgment Game: Tricky Puzzles 2019, Judgment Game: Tricky Puzzles 2020, Judgment Game: Tricky Puzzles 2021. Judgment Game: Tricky Puzzles 2023 is the latest version, so Judgment Game: Tricky Puzzles 1.17.3 2023 is often used as a keyword for user searches.

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Description of Judgment Game: Tricky Puzzles Mod APK 2023

What would you do if you could decide the fate of people? Play this Who is Lying? and Heaven Hell game!Download and start playing Tower of Fate and see the results of your fateful decisions. Witness the crazy lives of the tower’s denizens and make very hard choices. From the creators of Brain Test Tricky Puzzles, Brain Test 2 Tricky Stories and Who Is? Tricky Riddles!Brain teasers and tricky riddles take a new shape as now there are more than 1 answer to each puzzle! This game is a new game and an offline game. Also one of the best games in the world. Who is Lying? Who is the killer? Who is the imposter?Climb up the Tower of Fate by unlocking interesting stories filled with judgments, dilemmas and choices. Become a good angel and help people in trouble, or ruin people’s lives as a wicked devil. Each level will present a unique situation in which the player must figure out the problem, and then make a tough choice on the characters’ fates. Brain games and iq games are for improving brain. You can play the best games offline.Would you help a thief? Would you punish a mom who is neglecting her crying baby? What would happen if Cinderella was late or Wolverine was stuck at the airport security because of his Adamantium skeleton? You can give different kinds of answers to these questions by playing Tower of Fate. One of the best free games. Brain games for adults, puzzle games and new games. Take people towards Heaven or push them down to Hell. Be good or evil, Tower of Fate provides unlimited freedom in the hands of players and each level will test your judgmental skills. Be ready to face some hard decisions. You will face the toughest ethical puzzles ever. New games and free games are fun if they helps to imrove brain and mind.Your choices matter in this game. Each level has different endings and you can replay them to see all of the surprising plots and twists. It is not just about putting people in prison or giving them money in this game, there are hundreds of unique choices and endings. Get ready to be surprised! One of the best games in the world. Free offline games and nice games.Features● Social puzzles, tough choices and life stories.● Romance, thriller, crime and fantasy in a single game.● Dozens of unique levels.● Tricky and mind-bending scenarios.● Choice-based free gameplay.● Beautiful graphics and lively animations.● Immersive sound effects and catchy music.● No internet is required, can be played on the go.● Completely free.● Can be played with one hand.Play this game and become more than a judge or angel. Shape the lives of the people living in the Tower of Fate!

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