App Name Lion Simulator
Package Name com.RMS.LionSimulator
Genre Action
Size 43.16 MB
Latest Version 0.4
MOD Info
Update Fri Feb 03 2023

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Description of Lion Simulator Mod APK 2023

ABOUT THIS GAMEPlay as Lion, the king of the jungle and survive in the wild world! Play with your ferocious beast and raise your family in beautiful yet dangerous savanna jungle and fight and hunt other dangerous Animals.LION SIMULATOR GAME:You are the real king of the jungle! This animal simulation game is based on real world, wild jungle hunt scenarios. Your Lion needs to grow and survive in the merciless wild jungle and get stronger to defeat other dangerous animals who are ready to hunt and eat you. This Lion simulation game is an RPG game and gives you the best gameplay and makes you feels like you are actually living in the Wild savannah jungle.Your Lion has many natural animals which will hunt you down. So, you need to fight different animals like hyenas, wild dogs and especially other big cats like Tiger. Hyenas will usually attack you in large groups so make sure you are stronger and lead a strong pride of Lions who will help you when Hyenas gets face to face with you. Similarly wild dogs can also eat your Lion’s cub, so make sure you keep a sharp eye on wild dogs and also on your small and cute Lion cubs in order to protect them and to defeat the wild dogs.Other big cats like Puma, Tiger, White tiger, Bengali tiger, Leopard and Jaguars will also be your enemies in this RPG Lion Simulation game. You need to defeat all these different big cats like Jaguars, Leopard, Bengali tiger, White tiger, Tiger and Puma in different levels because this game has many exciting levels. You can also hunt foxes because foxes can steal your food.You can breed your Lion with Lionesses to make beautiful baby Lion cubs and you have to protect your cub’s mama lioness. HUNTING:As this is a reality-based animal simulation game, you can use you mighty Lion to hunt down and eat different animals in order to grow and stay strong. Your Lion can hunt small animals like rabbits, hare, raccoons and may small grass-eating animals. Buffalos comes into big animal category and your Lion needs to be strong and should attack with a pride in order to bring down a large buffalo. Different levels include different big animals to hunt and kill like Giraffes and Zebras. When you are hunting in a place or in an area which is closer to river banks or lakes, you need to remain focused and aware because crocodiles and alligators are hiding in the river banks or closer to lakes to eat your Lion. Alligators and crocodiles are ferocious flesh-eating animals who can eat flesh of any animal even the flesh of The King of The Jungle. This simulation game has many levels with beautiful scenarios of the outdoor world. You can play in plain grounds like savannas or in African jungle. Beautiful mountainous terrain is also added into this gameplay to make you feel like you are actually living in the world of wild as The Real King of The Jungle.Lion Simulation game Features:Next Generation Quality Graphics with 3D gameplay.RPG animal Simulation Game and also a Lion Simulation Game Exiting Wild and Outdoor Sceneries like rivers, lakes, Mountains, and plains Lion Simulator MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of Lion Simulator accumulating Lion Simulator of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod Lion Simulator mod apk will be a better choice. Lion Simulator users have the following comments:

The game don't have no sound effects in game play...please add sound effects..make the lion roaring

PRATYAY SARDAR is a favourite game

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