App Name MageLegends
Package Name com.noxgames.mage.hero
Genre RPG
Size 142.51 MB
Latest Version 1.6.13
MOD Info
Unlimited money
Update Fri Nov 18 2022

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Description of MageLegends Mod APK 2023

Roguelike super wizard RPG - Become magical archero and slay monsters in multiple dungeon battles. Can you survive with your magical wand and staff?Are you ready to enter a world where tons of evil enemies and fantasy monsters want to eliminate you? You're the only mage hero with powerful spells who is able to resist and defeat the oncoming evil. Rise up from the ashes and become a legend in the age of magic. Enjoy this rpg adventure game and fight all fantasy monsters right now!More enemies you kill the more stronger you'll get. Fight for epic loot, treasures, items and valuable equipment to make you stronger and more powerful! You will have to deal with countless monsters and monster legends. Be a hero in the neverending age of magic!Dive into an roguelike, Archero-style game full of challenging quests, epic dungeons, and crazy waves of enemies. Collect rare equipment, weapons and skills. Kill monsters. Improve your legends. Enjoy the magic adventure!Mage Legends features▶ Addictive, action-packed gameplay.▶ Many skills to help you crawl these dungeons.▶ Enjoy different locations.▶ Easy control with just one finger.▶ Different game modes.▶ Earn rewards and unique weapons.▶ Explore epic fantasy worlds as a true mage legend.▶ Challenging monster legends fights▶ Drag to move - release to hitNow the destiny of the world is in your hands! Master the art of moving, dodging and shooting. Become a pro shooter! Neverending magic adventure starts here and now! Start the road to hero in this magical world now! Be fast: run, dodge and shoot! Or be furious and go all-in with a storm of magic!Mage Legends: Epic RPG Hero Archer Adventure Game is a roguelike action game. Unlike other Archero-like games, you will fight as a mage with magic skills. You will have to choose from multiple skills as you progress through the dungeons. Your choices will create different battle styles. It's up to you what you choose.With just one finger you will decide if the world will be free once again or if you let the evil forces to rule the world forever! The gameplay is very easy and intuitive. Each battle is a challenge, survive waves of attack. Use spells to defeat all monsters, archers and the most legendary bosses in this adventure game.Battle through ancient forest, deadly desert, graveyard and inferno dungeon in your quest to save the world. Over a thousand dungeons are waiting for you to solve their mystery. You can move and shoot with one touch. Fight by magic against powerful enemies. Improve your unique skills and gain rare equipment that makes you stronger. Complete daily tasks and gain extra rewards and materials.Is the game too easy for you? Don´t worry. Try high difficulty mode and enjoy. Play the best hyper-casual ARPG game.Will you become the most legendary mage that is brave enough to stand up against the evil and bring back peace to the world? Hurry up! The evil is getting stronger and the world needs you now!Created by Noxgames MageLegends MOD APK

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