App Name MazM: Pechka
Package Name com.Gseeds.Pechka
Genre Adventure
Size 272.68 MB
Latest Version 6.8.4
MOD Info
Update Tue Mar 22 2022

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Description of MazM: Pechka Mod APK 2023

In the early 20th century, people of a lost nation begin a fight for their country.The journey of “Pyotr,” for whom no nation could be his home.Become the protagonist in a story based on real historical events!Experience the heartbreaking story firsthand through the tragic history of the war. 📖Visual Novel, Historical Story Game, War Story Game, Interactive StoryPechka is MazM's 5th story game. This game takes place in Far East of Russia set in the early 20th century. Based on a true historical event, this historical visual novel is an interactive adventure game immersing the user into the story of the war.🎮Game Features• Visual novel style story game• Story adventure game based on a true historical event• Episodes are published weekly as a series system• Experience the story of the war taking place in the Far East of Russia through this Text Game.• Heartbreaking story game about the tragic history of the war• Drama game with story line like that of a movie• Multiple endings to the game depending on your choice🎖️ Play points about Pechka▶ An interactive story game with a movie-like feel• In “Pechka” you can follow the captivating plot by exploring the map.• Experience an epic tale based in the Russian Far East, in this unique dramatic production from MazM. ▶The chaotic Russian Far East in the early 20th century• The game is set in Russian cities of the early 20th century.• Explore Russian streets of the time and meet intriguing characters.• You'll be able to spot some real historical figures in game. ▶Discover historical trivia that you can only find with MazM • “Pechka” is steeped in fascinating history.• Collect historical “footnotes” while making your way through the story.• Learn about the historical events that led to the Russian Far East descending into chaos.Visual Novel, Story Game, Adventure Game, Text Game, suited for those who love historical games.Drama directed by MazM, we bring you a heartbreaking and touching story.Those who are looking for a more special visual novel story game won't be disappointed.🤔About MazM• MazM is a studio developing superb Story Game, Adventure Game, and Text Games. With dedication, we want to take praiseworthy stories and reinterpret them into games. • We wish to instill a lasting impression in our players, like that which is made after experiencing a great book, movie or musical.• Try various games such as Visual Novel, Story Game, Text Game, and Adventure Games through the indie game studio MazM.• We, MazM, promise to deliver more touching Visual Novel, Adventure Game, and Indie Games.READ_PHONE_STATE permission:This permission is used to create an ID to identify a unique user within the game.Since this ID is used one-way encryption, the user's unique device information is unknown.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Permission :This permission is used to read the APK expansion file (obb) as the app size is larger than 100MB.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Permission :This permission is used to write the APK expansion file (obb) as the app size is larger than 100MB. MazM: Pechka MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of MazM: Pechka accumulating MazM: Pechka of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod MazM: Pechka mod apk will be a better choice. MazM: Pechka users have the following comments:

Brilliant so far!! As expected of MazM and their top quality games! I'm learning lots of interesting history along the way as well! One unfortunate thing though, the ads don't seem to work for me for some reason, the game just feezes at "connecting..." and I have to force-stop and restart it. Hope this gets fixed, otherwise this is a perfect piece of art as always! ***EDIT: Ad problem fixed with the latest update. Thanks guys, you're amazing!

Very, very well done! Very easy to navigate and intriguing unique story. The game takes many coins to play, but they are provided through adds. Very good translation for a game that I believe was initially non-english (couldn't tell). I'll definitely be looking into other games by these developers and consider redownloading in the future.

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