Package Name com.square_enix.android_googleplay.octopathw
Genre RPG
Size 664.54 MB
Latest Version 1.7.0
MOD Info
Update Sat Mar 04 2023

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Description of OCTOPATH Mod APK 2023

A new story unfolds in the world of Orsterra! Enjoy high quality graphics, engaging combat, and storytelling akin to OCTOPATH TRAVELER in this prequel optimized for mobile devices. FeaturesHD-2D: Evolved Pixel Art2D pixel art, enhanced with 3D-CG effects, brings the wondrous world of Orsterra to life with beautifully stylized environments filled with side quests, dangerous bosses, and treasures.Strategic and Exhilarating CombatAn evolved command style battle system utilizes up to eight party members, with swipe controls that allow for fast paced command selection. A Massive RosterWith over 64 characters at launch, explore an endless combination of characters to build your ultimate team. Pick the right team for the right fight and reign victorious on the battlefield. Choose Your Adventure: Reign of TyrantsThe “Chosen Ones” must rise against the great evils of Orsterra. What perils will you encounter on your journey? No matter what storyline you start with, you can experience them all!Unique Path ActionsThe possibilities are endless with different options for character interactions. “Inquire” for information, “Entreat” for items, or “Hire” them as a party member – try out every option to see what these new relationships yield. An Epic Game SoundtrackYasunori Nishiki, the composer behind OCTOPATH TRAVELER, is back for this latest installment with new compositions exclusive to OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent. StoryEmbark on an adventure for what you seek. A few years prior to the events of OCTOPATH TRAVELER,Orsterra is ruled by tyrants hungry for “wealth, power, and fame”.While the tyrants’ desires have unleashed a bottomless darkness upon the world…there are those who resist the darkness. You will meet them while traveling the world as “the Chosen Ones of a divine ring”. What will you obtain, and what will you experience through this journey?A journey that will give rise to the champions of the continent...Operating EnvironmentOS: Android 6.0 or higher (excluding some devices) Memory (RAM): 2GB or higher. OCTOPATH MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of OCTOPATH accumulating OCTOPATH of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod OCTOPATH mod apk will be a better choice. OCTOPATH users have the following comments:

this game is honestly great, the combat system is a refreshing take on the classic, with minor tweaks to an age-old system that really bring it to life! It reminds me of the old FF games I used to play and love as a kid. The characters, the stories... the whole vibe is just great honestly. The only thing I'd change is adding a skip button for cutscenes, or an autoroll toggle for them. Other than that, truly a great game!

Excellent game with an awesome soundtrack. Surpasses the original in some points. The gacha is annoying, but it dont stop an easy progression. The music is just as good any of the best triple A's in the market. Masterfully in the combat too, just not recreating the original, but improving in some aspects. I'm F2P, and will stay this way until a better deal is offered.

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