App Name OrcWar
Package Name net.lowcostapp.orcwar
Genre Strategy
Size 64.86 MB
Latest Version 96
MOD Info
Update Tue Feb 08 2022

OrcWar Mod APK 2023 Download -

OrcWar is a strategy game that has been loved by gamers so far. At present, many people want to download OrcWar apk 2023, but OrcWar often consumes a lot of energy and money, so OrcWar mod apk has become a more important pursuit. provides great convenience for OrcWar mod apk download.

OrcWar has gone through many versions over the years. OrcWar 2018, OrcWar 2019, OrcWar 2020, OrcWar 2021. OrcWar 2023 is the latest version, so OrcWar 96 2023 is often used as a keyword for user searches. provides different versions of OrcWar mod apk. Contains the latest 96 MOD versions for 2023. Download OrcWar 96 2023 mod APK for Android for FREE now at!

Description of OrcWar Mod APK 2023

Join the battle and conquer the lands with Orcwar - the ultimate mobile strategy game. Assemble a powerful army of orcs and engage in intense battles. Experience the thrill of victory and become the dominant force in the world of Orcwar. Download now and start your epic adventure!15 Missions in SinglePlayer for this rts.Create your army with 9 types of characters:- Peon allows to collect the Gold or to cut some wood- Warrior will protect you from attacks opponents in the hand-to-hand fights.- Archer send arrows on your opponents- Brut will resist more than your Warrior and will impose more powerful knocks- Gort use 2 weapons to attack and fastest- Tank cashes the knocks as the person- Spy allows to explore quickly- Mage sends spells on your opponents- Kaz is the most crazy, he blows up on your opponents, a real KamikazeCreate your buildings to improve your village:- Hute allows to shelter your units, every Hute can contain 15 units- Tower is a tower which will protect your village of the enemy attacks.- SawMill will allow you to unlock Archers and Tank.- Cauldron will bring to the unlock magician- Forge to create strong Orcsmobile game, strategy game, battle, conquer lands, army of orcs, intense PvP battles, thrill of victory, dominant force, epic adventure. OrcWar MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of OrcWar accumulating OrcWar of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod OrcWar mod apk will be a better choice. OrcWar users have the following comments:

This game is awesome. I've been trying to go old school from when I was a kid for World of War craft and besides being able to pick who to play as this game has what I wanted. The only thing I would change would be adding in ship's and other features similar to that and being able to pick who you want to be. Thank yall for making this.

Guys we all love this kind of games but the game don't run or some screen problems or even troubles in the gameplay . Right? . So what i suggest that you the game maker can add some improvemints to the game like fixing the bugs.add more ( buildings,units,upgrades,creeps...) and you can even add more races like ( humans,nightelfs,undead...) and each race have there own heroes . Multiplaters mode ... You can add many things to make this game one of the best games . So thanks for reading and ( sorry for bad english )

Download OrcWar Mod Apk from Happymod Tutorial

A. Download and install the Happymod apk at

B. Search for OrcWar in the Happymod app.

C. Click the desired mod in the OrcWar search results list.

D. Click download package to install OrcWar mod apk