App Name Orna
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Genre RPG
Size 112.16 MB
Latest Version 3.4.21
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Update Thu Jun 01 2023

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Description of Orna Mod APK 2023

It’s time to embark on an RPG adventure full of dungeons and dragons. Transform the world around you into your very own classic RPG game with a geocaching twist!Multiplayer RPGs become immersive in Orna, where you can create your origin town, enjoy turn-based combat, collect and upgrade your weapons and armor to power up. Discover the real world around you with a geocache game that allows you to experience your neighborhood in the game. The world around you will be turned into an open-world MMORPG where you can go outside and claim real world landmarks as your own! The open world is full of surprises and battles to take part in, all to build your own kingdom.We’re excited to meet you, Traveler! Join the open world adventure today.ORNA FEATURES:🖌 Pixel Art Style - featuring artwork that will remind you of classic, old-school RPGs⚔️ Class System - RPG game mechanics allow you to unlock over 50 unique classes with even more specializations start as a thief, mage or warrior choose your path!🧙🏻 Unparalleled Character Expression – create your own build using any combination of armor, weapons and spells📜 PvE Main Campaign - follow the story of the Unfelled as you seek peace in a land fallen to chaos!⚔️ PvP Arena - face off against other players in a multiplayer arena🔮 World Raids - portals to other realms will open up allowing you to join Travelers from across the world to face off against world bosses in MMORPG battles🧭 Memory Hunts – embark on a real world geocache adventure through your own environment to yield powerful loot🛠 Base Building - build your origin town, level up buildings and lead your villagers to prosperity🏰 Kingdom gameplay - join a guild with players of your faction to take on raid, dungeons and PvP content together⛓️ Dungeon crawler – navigate through chaos to find loot and other treasures to level up your character🙌🏻 Free Game - we believe in no pay-walls, ads or aggressive monetization, enjoy the gameplay uninterrupted!FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE FALLEN• Immerse yourself in a game world for fans of classic 8-bit rpgs!• 11 years ago, a great deity Mammon started a world-changing event called the Falling.• This would change the lands forever and cover them in darkness.• Your adventure will have you discover a world shrouded in mystery and seek peace amongst chaos.CHOOSE YOUR OWN RPG ADVENTURE• MMORPG allows you to team up with friends or tackle things alone.• Fight in the arena or experience a dungeon crawl.• RPG mechanics allow your choices to work towards leveling up your character, unlocking new gear and classes!• Experience diverse and complex character classes and customize them to play your way!• How will your adventure play out? The choice is yours.BUILD A KINGDOM TOGETHER• Join a Kingdom or start your own to conquer the world with your guildmates!• Compete in PvP content in the form of Kingdom Wars or tackle PvE challenging raids together.• Meet new friends and expand your kingdom to climb the leaderboards!UNIQUE AND HIGHLY ACCLAIMED EXPERIENCE• Enjoy a game built by a studio that believes in creating a game without any pay-walls or forced advertisements.We have one of the best communities in mobile games and we aim to always listen to feedback to make our game the best it can be. With monthly updates including features, events and raids, join us and experience for yourself what Orna has to offer - we’re excited to meet you, Traveler!Official Subreddit: Discord: notes: Patreon: data © OpenStreetMap () Orna MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of Orna accumulating Orna of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod Orna mod apk will be a better choice. Orna users have the following comments:

This is an incredible game. I've been playing it since it first released and it's only gotten better with each update. The combat is challenging, the Kingdom creation aspect is awesome, and the class/subclass system is very well balanced. However, there is a big issue when it comes to how it affects your battery life. Even when the app is closed and simply running in the background, it draws insane amounts of battery life and can kind of leave you in a bind.

I was not expecting much when I first clicked the download button, and oh boy was I wrong. The game is extremely addicting there are absolutely no ads the game does not feel pay to win at all. Not only that this game has sparked my urge to become more active and start to get out and walk. The only real issues I have with the game so far is the minor tracking issues but aside from that I haven't really encountered any sort of bugs or game breaking glitches. I can confidently say this game is a 10

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C. Click the desired mod in the Orna search results list.

D. Click download package to install Orna mod apk