App Name Pacific Fire
Package Name com.Wirraway.PacificFire
Genre Strategy
Size 50.87 MB
Latest Version 1.601
MOD Info
Update Thu Sep 07 2023

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Description of Pacific Fire Mod APK 2023

Pacific Fire is a turn-based strategic wargame set in the Pacific Theater of World War II created by a solo developer. Take command of US, Japanese, British, Australian, New Zealand, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Dutch forces in the Pacific and Southeast Asia from 1941-1945.Unparalleled depth and historical accuracyExperience the entire war in the Pacific through 20 historically accurate campaigns, from the attack on Pearl Harbor to the Empire of Japan's surrender. Command squadrons of more than 180 types of aircraft, from iconic warbirds like the A6M2 Zero and P-38 Lightning to less well-known types like the CAC Boomerang and Vickers Wellington. Control the seas with more than 170 types of warships including submarines, battleships and aircraft carriers.Classic strategic wargamingPacific Fire is powered by a detailed and realistic simulation of WW2 air and naval combat. Fight against an intelligent AI which constantly adapts its strategy to ensure every game is challenging and unique. Challenge a friend in hotseat multiplayer (pass-and-play).No in-app purchases or adsBuy the game once and get access to all current and future content. Pacific Fire contains no in-app purchases or ads of any kind, and an internet connection is not required to play.Join the communityDiscord: : game features 20 campaigns, including:- Pacific Fire: Fight the whole of WW2 month-by-month on a map spanning from India to the west coast of the US.- Centrifugal Offensive: Command Imperial Japanese forces invading the Philippines, Singapore, and the Dutch East Indies at the beginning of WW2.- Coral Sea: Fight the first battle between aircraft carriers in history, and experience the battles for Guadalcanal and the Kokoda Track.- Yamamoto's Gambit: Devise a strategy to lure the US Pacific Fleet into a decisive battle with the Kido Butai, and change history at the Battle of Midway.- Central Pacific: Lead the US Pacific Fleet and US Marine Corps seize strategic islands and liberate the Philippines in 1943 - 1944.- Operation Downfall: Command a massive Allied invasion of the Japanese Home Islands in this alternate history campaign.Feedback and suggestions are very welcome at [email protected]. Pacific Fire MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of Pacific Fire accumulating Pacific Fire of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod Pacific Fire mod apk will be a better choice. Pacific Fire users have the following comments:

I'm not the kind of person to pay even 99 cents for a mobile game, but this one is well worth the few dollars. Amazing game all around

Great concept and the perfect amount of depth I've been looking for in a turn-based strategy game. The Pacific Fire campaign is not for the timid!! I would like to suggest an ability to move all land/air/sea units from one base to another instead of having to click repeatedly to move all units that can't be grouped. A general overview of all your units and a list of where they are stationed would be very helpful. When you are moving lots of units and issuing 50+ commands a turn, it would be helpful if the unit icon would change colors to signify that you issued orders for that unit. I spend quite a bit of time double checking so that I don't miss anything. Thanks for making an awesome game! I can't wait to see future updates :)

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B. Search for Pacific Fire in the Happymod app.

C. Click the desired mod in the Pacific Fire search results list.

D. Click download package to install Pacific Fire mod apk