App Name Return of Shadow
Package Name com.allstarunion.demonwithin
Genre Strategy
Size 140.59 MB
Latest Version 2.21.1
MOD Info
Update Sat Mar 11 2023

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Description of Return of Shadow Mod APK 2023

The world we live in is not as simple as we think. Under the seemingly peaceful surface, dark heroes have been trying to maintain a balance. However, the demon lords suddenly launch an all-out attack...Aily has just saved Lora from demons. On the run, they met D, the leader of the Blood Clan, and are taken to his Territory, which unfortunately has also been destroyed under the attack by demons. They plan to rebuild the territory and fight against the demon army.At the call of fate, other dark heroes rallied towards the territory. The war against the demon army seems to have only just begun. Rebuild your territory, gather the power of the dark heroes and form alliances with other Lords to fight the demon hordes. Can you defeat the terrible demons from the abyss and rewrite the rules of the world?Recovering the cityA sudden attack by demon hordes has left your city in ruins. Without the city, it will be difficult to gather the forces that can fight against the demon armies and their lords. Therefore it was significant to recover the city first and to find compatriots and helpers among the ruins to restore the city to its former glory.Reunite heroesOne minute we still are the owners of the whole world, the next, the ownership changes. Heroes from across the world flock to your place to aid the forces of resistance against the demonic hordes. It's time to realize that you can't defeat demons on your own. Only by reuniting forces of the other dark heroes can the demon hordes be stopped. Upgrade heroesIn addition to ordinary demons, high-level demons such as crush demons, flaming demons, and devouring demons also participated in the invasion. It will be difficult to defeat the incoming attacks if you don't do everything you can to strengthen the Dark Heroes and their troops.SocializeDemon lords are more powerful demons and you will need the help of allies to defeat them. Remember, you may be up against more than just demons, It's better to join an alliance than not.Rewrite the rulesThe invasion of the demons is a great chance for you to rewrite the rules of the dark world. While fighting against the demons, do not let go of this opportunity to have a place in the dark world.If you have any in-game issues or suggestions, please feel free to reach us via:Contact us In-game GMFacebook: @returnofshadowgameDiscord: : [email protected]: @returnofshadow Return of Shadow MOD APK

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