App Name World of the abyss
Package Name com.MadMolly.WorldOfTheAbyss
Genre RPG
Size 1.25 GB
Latest Version 2.166
MOD Info
No Skill CD
Update Fri Feb 23 2024

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Description of WorldOfTheAbyss Mod APK 2023

Are you in love with MMORPG? Is the desire for battle, destroying somebody in PvP, and exploring new worlds stronger than you, but you don’t want to sit near your PC? World of the Abyss is exactly what you need! A new mobile RPG with a fantasy world of its own uniqueness, monsters and bosses waiting to kill or to be killed, hidden places with loot, skill trees to learn, characters to level up, and of course foes and friends to be fought or allied. C’mon let’s look at what we have to offer. We promise you won’t be disappointed.World of the Abyss (WOTA) is an online RPG 3D game with an open world where magic is everywhere and fighting never stops. Let’s do it one by one.Open WorldWhen we were creating an open world, the idea was to bring back that feeling of an old-school fantasy that we all love. Wizardry and magic that softly permeate every concept of every creation you see. Now everybody is trying to make every little piece scream with magic. We don’t buy it! The magic is supposed to make you feel like, “Oh, it’s just like in my forest down the street,” but then you meet and see things that break the concept of your forest. Stuff like that makes you feel connected to the world you are in.3D and visualsLet’s be honest, we are all tired of this 3D-like flatness. So, instead of bringing you a 3D-like MMORPG game, we brought you actual 3D with its own visual style to make it unique and unforgettable. Our artists put a little bit of their soul into it, and I think Ben used someone else’s, but he is a warlock, so you know.PvPWe wanted PvP to feel special, so we will have non-stop action of axes, magical missiles, arrows, shields and spells. Real-time fights are the best and to make them feel better we have a “Lock on” system that will make you feel like you are the main hero or a villain of some anime who fights its nemesis. Of course, there will be brawls and don’t you dare to believe that you will take turns to fight. IT WILL BE A BLOODBATH!Skill Trees and CharactersThere is no need in saying that you will create a character on your own. Oh, finally skill trees. The things of beauty that are so individual that sometimes mage punches you in the face with a staff harder than a berserker with a pole hammer. Variety of opportunities you have to develop your character’s skills and perks are so numerous that almost every combination can find its way to life.WOTA Pre-alphaWe bring to life something special, and we work hard for it. Pre-alpha means that there are still a lot of things that need to be improved and polished. We would like you to help us to make our game better, improve, debug, add and polish. All money we get we are using for the game’s sake, so if you want to support us you can buy something in-game, and when a global launch will follow you will get a reward.So what do we have?- Open world full of magic where you can do whatever you want to- Variety of monsters to fight, skill trees to learn, characters to discover, jaw-dropping locations- Real 3D graphics in MMORPG game for mobile with unique style- Combat that feels very engaging and PvP system transforming battles into rivalry- And it’s only a pre-alpha, so you can influence what will happen to the gameRPG lovers you found what you were looking for! MMORPG game for mobile with real 3D graphics, with developers who listens to their community, with everything you need from character creation to PvP battles. C’mon, hop on in and add some online wizardry to your life! WorldOfTheAbyss MOD APK

Spending a lot of time in the early days of WorldOfTheAbyss accumulating WorldOfTheAbyss of in-game currency is a very painful thing. Of course, in addition to money that can help you solve this problem, Happymod WorldOfTheAbyss mod apk will be a better choice. WorldOfTheAbyss users have the following comments:

Cool hardcore mmorpg! Very good game, rather stable for alpha. Will be eagerly wait for global release.

Like it. Easy to understand and get into it. Very involving to go further in stage.

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