App Name MixerBox BFF
Package Name com.mixerbox.tomodoko
Size 65.99 MB
Latest Version 0.7.15
MOD Info
Update Sat Sep 30 2023

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Description of BFF Mod APK 2023

🍦MixerBox BFF is a free location-sharing app that lets you easily share your current location with friends, family, and loved ones! Download now! 🌎📍Say Goodbye To Asking, "Where are you now?" You can instantly share your location with friends, family, and loved ones, making it easy to see each other's location right away and view information such as speed, battery level, and duration of stay. MixerBox BFF has minimal battery consumption and highly stable servers🔋◆ Find Friends and Phones!You can add unlimited friends through email, QR code, or shaking your phone👋 Lost your phone? Let your friends help you locate and find it on the map. This app is invitation-only, so you can only share your location with friends and family you approve, ensuring security🔒◆ Private Messaging&EmojisYou can send messages and emojis to your friends. With a variety of cute stickers, you can send continuous sticker messages based on your mood💕💩🤩◆ The World Is Your Oyster!Through "Your World" and "Footprints," MixerBox BFF automatically records the places and routes you've been to. It helps reminisce about travel memories and daily activities and check favorite travel destinations, frequently visited shops, and facilities. You can also use it as a regular map app🗺️ Footprint recovery without getting Zenly's data is also available now!◆ Temporarily Hide Your LocationWith "Ghost Mode," you can blur your location or temporarily stop sharing it with specific friends. You have complete control over your location info.◆ Phone Widget📲 Add the MixerBox BFF widget to your phone's home screen! Without entering the MixerBox BFF app, you can instantly see the current location of the friends you care about through the widget.◆ Set Your Own LocationsYou can set your favorite locations, such as Home, School, and Workplace! When visiting exciting places, you can check in, tag friends, and add those locations to your personal world map📍◆ Arrival/Departure and Travel NotificationsYou will receive notifications when your friends arrive/depart from specific locations or go on long-distance travel, saving time from asking, "Where are you?" 💪⌚◆ Customize to your preferences✅ Map styles: Standard maps, Satellite maps, etc.✅ Theme options: Choose from dark styles, cute styles, and more to freely change the style you like!✅ Personal status: Change your status anytime, such as "at home," "at work," "having a meal," "traveling," and other fun options.Other highlights✨MixerBox BFF also offers fun features like one-handed map zooming, navigation, viewing "Who viewed my profile," and potential connections with familiar users. 👀When can you use MixerBox BFF?✔️ Emergency safety confirmation.✔️ When you lose or misplace your phone or when you want to locate the Android or iPhone of your family or friends.✔️ Keeping an eye on family members living far away.✔️ Meet up with friends.✔️ Prevent getting lost from your travel companions during domestic and international travels.MixerBox BFF is perfect for various situations✨MixerBox BFF is a map SNS & GPS tracking app that anyone can use! Try it now! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch with us: [email protected] need to be sad about Zenly's shutdown anymore. MixerBox BFF is always by your side! 💕🍦Follow MixerBox BFF on social media for the latest updates:• Facebook: • Instagram: • Threads: • TikTok: —*This app has been registered and authorized by the company, MixerBox BFF MOD APK

Spending a lot of money in the early days of BFF accumulating BFF of in early currency is a very painful thing. Happymod BFF mod apk will be a better choice. BFF users have the following comments:

not sure why people complain about the accuracy, but for me this app works flawless. i personally use it inside our family, just choose a contact and wait a bit (from a few seconds to nearly a minute, depending on the area coverage where that person is) and the location is showed precisely with a timer as well to see how long that person is located there. and there is one neat feature, if a contact is in the moving car, the app will show his accurate speed! love it!👍

Still the very best GPS location app!!! I used this app to find my daughter in person after 2 weeks of uncharacteristic no communication. Her phone had broken, she had been sick, no money, food or gas, and was in her car in a parking lot. This app updated her location when she used wi-fi. We both cheered! Your app is amazing! App is real time, extremely accurate location, almost no ads, runs quickly and smoothly, user-friendly, and has a bunch of cool features. Thank you so very, very much!!!!

Download BFF Mod Apk from Happymod Tutorial

A. Download and install the Happymod apk at

B. Search for BFF in the Happymod app.

C. Click the desired mod in the BFF search results list.

D. Click download package to install BFF mod apk directly.