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The demo version of the Chest X-Ray Interpretation mobile app offers access to the first module (Section 1) free of charge. It can also be used to unlock all content by users who acquired access by December 14th, 2022.Discover Radiology: Chest X-Ray Interpretation it's well-designed mobile application that facilitates learning and revision through features such as easy navigation, notes, quick search, and the author’s audio commentary to the Radiological Anatomy through the Quick List.What’s in it for you?For learners, the app will:• Help you learn the basics needed for successful chest x-ray interpretation. This includes normal thoracic anatomy and pathology.• Help you prepare for rounds. You will be able to present cases at rounds with confidence.• Help you prepare for your examinations. No more getting tricked up on chest x-ray cases.• Help you develop the foundational skills that will allow you to capitalize on all the case studies available on the internet.For practicing physicians, the app will:• Provide you with a comprehensive review of the anatomy and radiological anatomy of the thorax.• Provide you with enabling insights into the interpretation process that you may not have received during your previous training.• Help you develop the skill of identifying all chest x-ray pathologies, not only the obvious.• Provide you with resources to help you get the message across to your studentsSTRUCTURESection I* provides an overview of how x-rays are used to produce an image of the chest. The section is divided into 5 chapters that examine the building blocks necessary for chest x-ray interpretation. The chapters review x-ray image production and the general concepts related to image appearance.Section II* introduces the concept of radiological zones to give you a starting point in the understanding of the radiological anatomy of the chest. The next chapters review in detail the radiological anatomy of specific anatomical structures, also provide examples of how the x-ray image can change due to pathology. The final chapter explains how the individual structures come together to form the radiological image. Section III* starts with a chapter on how to interpret the chest x-ray; this is where you begin to put your new knowledge into practice. Now that you know what to look for, you can do so in a systematic way to ensure the accurate identification of pathology. SPECIAL CONTENTHow To’s – 34 step-by-step guides, with annotated x-rays, to illustrate key skills needed to confidentially interpret chest x-ray.Visual Searches – 8 visual guides to illustrate the sequential checks that should be performed in a visual search of given anatomical structure or radiological zone on a chest x-ray.Radiological Checklist – 12 illustrated list of items that should be evaluated for a given anatomical structure or radiological zone, in the process of interpreting a chest x-ray.Radiological Anatomy – Descriptions of various anatomical structures as they would appear on PA and lateral chest x-rays. Case Studies – Practical and Clinical Case Studies collected from the whole app help check current skills.Pathology – Numerous interesting examples of pathology related to specific anatomical structures and regions.Visit our website to explore interesting radiology cases and interviews our virtual community!Facebook: NOTE- A network connection is required to download additional figures and audio descriptions.- This demo version of the app is free, but you can upgrade to the full version for $6.99. Chest X-Ray Interpretation MOD APK

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