App Name CirclegoesSquarefollows
Package Name com.joesujin.CirclegoesSquarefollows
Size 2.44 MB
Latest Version 1.2
MOD Info
Update Sun Feb 05 2023

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Description of CirclegoesSquarefollows Mod APK 2023

A Live wallpaper that creates a circle on touch and a square moves to the circle from the last touch, leaving a trail. After every 3600 squares, the screen refreshes and keeps the count on total number of squares drawn on the screen. I have compared 3600 seconds to 3600 squares, which doesn't make sense with the movement of our fingers as it takes less than a second to perform a swipe. Instead, it gives a visual comparison with how we look at time and a heat map of where we use the screen most. The format goes like this 1d:13h:3600squaresSo please try out writing something to play with the colors, but don't get carried away the idea is to achieve less screen time and more face time.This is made on APDE (Android Processing Development Environment) and Packaged by Processing 3.5.3 CirclegoesSquarefollows MOD APK

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dope... nvr spnt so much time tapping on my home screen... loved it...

So fun!

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