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Update Thu Jan 26 2023

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Description of Consulta CPF Mod APK 2023

Check the status of your CPF and even find out everything about your Credit Score for free! Meet the newest partner in finance: Consulta CPF!Our app has several features that are super useful in everyday life, when it comes to obtaining credit, financing, loans, etc. Here, you can have a free CPF consultation, learn how to negotiate debts and find out how your credit score works, with tips on how to keep it high and also have access to the main credit card offers and/or or exclusive loans, even if you are self-employed, a student and even negative!🔍 CPF Consultation - FreeDo you want to have control of your financial life? It's good to know what's going on with your CPF. On our app, you can check if there are any restrictions due to debts, protests, legal actions or bounced checks registered on your CPF.Learn Credit ScoreThe Score is a score that ranges from 0 to 1000 and indicates the chances of someone paying their bills on time. Many companies consult your score when closing a deal or releasing credit. Here you can quickly find out about your score and which credit products you can cardTake a quiz and find the best credit card for you;Discover the different benefits of the card: airline miles, cashback, points, no annual fee, etc.🎁BONUS: Find a card that approves negatives!💵 Learn how to do Debt Renegotiation - FreeDo you have any debt in your name? In our app, you learn how to renegotiate your negative debts and overdue bills (that are not negative). It's simple and practical!🔐 Did you know that CPF and Score influence getting a credit card?In our app you can check your CPF registration status for free, find out how your score influences this and even take a quiz to find the ideal credit card.💲Credit ScoreUse our application as an ally to understand how your credit score works, how it is calculated, what to do to keep it high and what you can achieve with a high score.A useful tool like no other is here and for free! We are trying hard to improve your financial life. Enjoy all the benefits!Is the CPF Consultation and Score application safe?Totally! The data provided when checking your CPF will not be stored or used for any other purpose.The application uses the CPF and date of birth entered to access the Federal Revenue website, and thus we carry out research on the user's registration status. We do not use the user's personal information for any other actions. We also do not store this data, nor do we pass it on to third parties.We consult the CPF from a POST request on the following endpoint: about this app:This app is a simulator and guide that brings together information about credit offers and information that promotes financial education.We do not grant loans, cards or any other type of financial product directly.Loan terms displayed on the application may vary from a minimum repayment period of 6 months to a maximum repayment period of 360 months.With a minimum interest rate of 1.09% p.m. (13.08% p.a.) and a maximum interest rate of 19.9% ​​p.m. (819% p.a.), depending on the type of loan requested from the chosen partner and the credit profile of the contractor.Representative example of the total cost of the loan with one of the partners:- Amount borrowed: R$1,000.00 to be paid in 12 months- Total of 12 installments of R$131.75 (with IOF)- Tax on financial operations (IOF) of R$12.79- Total effective cost - CET (APR) of the operation of 7.86% p.m. and 147.93% p.a.- Total amount payable: R$ 1,581.00Read our terms of use and privacy policy: Consulta CPF MOD APK

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