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Update Sat Apr 29 2023

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Description of fooView Mod APK 2023

Be Simple! Make everything easier. The following features are all in one app, Just a floating Button.fooView - Float Viewer is a magic floating button. It's simple because it has only a button, to fulfill 1000+ features. Everything in a floating window, this means you can use it anywhere, when you're using other apps.It works as a floating manager, a full featured file manager in a floating window, whether on local phone, local network or a net drive such as Google Drive. It supports many protocols, such as Samba, FTP, Webdav, Google Drive, Baidu Cloud, OneDrive, Yandex,... You can, For Example, play a video from your comptuer on local network.It works as a full featured app manager in a floating window, a disk analysis, .....It works as Note viewer and editor, Music player and editor, Image viewer and editor, Video player and editor, all floating, that means, you can open most things, edit and then share them, without leaving your current app.It works as an app launcher that lets you press and start apps everywhere, including handwriting gestures.It works as a gesture app, allowing you get texts quickly, take regional /multiple screenshots quickly, record the screen quickly, all with a simple gesture. Such as -Crop a word to translate, save, share to your messenger.-Crop an image such as in games to screenshot, search, and share to social network or photos community...-Crop an address to check how to route in maps.-Swipe for Back, Swipe long for Home, Swipe up to Floating Window, Swipe down to Recent List/Notification.It works as a shortcut/task automation tool. Task is a quick way to get one or more tasks done with your apps, with putting inbuilt actions together to complete your job automatically. For example, notify you drink every two hours. It works as a floating browser and multi-thread downloader, allowing you, for example, to watch a video while searching something on the web at the same time.there's 50+ inbuilt search engines, Such as Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, weChat, Yandex, Baidu, Twitter, Netflix, etc.It works as a/many floating window(s) with desired size . Such as, you can put 3 windows when you're using other apps. One for playing video, one for searching information, one for editting note.It works as an automatic helper, you can recognize texts from a picture, you can use voice to get texts or start actions. Many features are not mentioned, such as Clipboard, Remote Manager, Themes, Barcode..... Find them by yourself. In all, fooView will utilize the internal power of your smart phones, using AI techniques, save 80% of your operations, let everything be simple. More features are in the development, mail to us([email protected]).Special NoteWhen you set gesture for locking screen or grant the device administrator permission from settings manually to avoid this app being killed by the system, this app uses the device administration API, and you need disable the permission before uninstallation. It's required by the system.AccessibilityHow fooView help the disabled users with Accessibility Services?For normal users, fooView provides a series of useful gestures to improve productivities. For visually impaired users, you can select words or images from the screen using fooView and enlarge it for a better readability. For physical disabilities, fooView provides powerful single hand features, you can use one hand to operate the phone, switch apps easily, replacing the navigation hard keys hard keys that are hard to control with one hand.PermissionWhy fooView ask Read_Phone_State permission?This permission is usually for reading IMEI code for your device by many apps. But fooView won't read IMEI. It uses this permission to judge the phone in call state, so that when the call is incoming, fooView will stop music play and minimize the floating window to avoid overlapping. fooView MOD APK

Spending a lot of money in the early days of fooView accumulating fooView of in early currency is a very painful thing. Happymod fooView mod apk will be a better choice. fooView users have the following comments:

I have loved this app since I discovered it, very well. But lately I've been struggling for months When I open the remote manager, it has a crush. I'd like to see a new version of the SMB file sharing with windows network. And polish notes taking section to have more features like microsoft one note and google keep it Would be great i like to do everthing in this app now days, it shape the use of my smartphone for real.

Awesome. I would love to get a better OCR. Currently it struggles to get numbers right, it usually puts a circle around it instead. Like 1 turns ①, it is inconvenient for copy past tasks. Also, if the Kanji recognition can be improved, it would be great!! Love the app, thanks a lot.

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