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Update Thu Feb 02 2023

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Description of Kettlebell Mod APK 2023

100 exercises with kettlebells in the form of 10 consecutive workouts designed for 1.5 - 2 years of regular work. And for convenience:★ Build-in Random workouts wizard;★ Color marker for workouts difficulty;★ Built-in mini-timer;★ Built-in counter dialog;★ Dairy;And further:★ You can draw your mood and place it on the social networks;★ Workouts graph - shareable;★ Try to double tap exercise image for fun;★ You can save and share photos of exercises.And no kettlebell was die when creating the application.Details and tedious:Here described ten sets of workouts with kettlebells, arranged in order of increasing difficulty (in addition, the app have workout wizard - just specify the amount of exercise and you will get it). Each workout consists of 10 exercises covering all major muscle groups. Almost all workouts are made up as follows:1. Exercises for muscles in the arms and shoulders - mainly various types of benching one and two hands;2. Exercises for muscles of the trunk, mainly for abdominal - different tilts, turns and circular movements the body;3. Exercises for muscles of the legs such as squats;4. Exercises for muscles of the shoulder girdle - a variety of hand motions;5. Exercises for hand muscle - bending and unbending them in different positions;6. Exercises for the neck muscles - flexion, extension and rotation of the head with the kettlebell suspended on the special strap; different exercises while standing on the "bridge";7. Exercises for the body muscles, primarily for back - different kinds of ejecting one or two kettlebells, circular movements of the kettlebell by one hand, the body movements associated with a lot of work for back;8. Exercises for leg muscles - a variety of lunges and squats with one or two kettlebells;9. Exercises for muscles in the arms and shoulders - presses, tremors and jerks in different positions; combined kettlebells exercises;10. Exercises for all muscle groups, mostly in the form of juggling with one or two kettlebells.Beginners should start with an easy first workout and doing it for one or two months. Then you move on to the next workouts, performing each of them in the course of 2 - 3 months, depending on the degree of physical development and fitness. You never need to proceed to the implementation of more hard workout before not well mastered the previous.Workouts are designed for one or two years of regular, systematic training. Kettlebell MOD APK

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