App Name Mod Warfare
Package Name mod.addon.warfare.guns.Rtitor
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Latest Version 1
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Update Tue Jan 31 2023

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Description of Mod Warfare Mod APK 2023

Warfare Addon - mod is designed to improve your defense in the Minecraft game, this addon adds a large number of firearms of various types to the game to ensure your survival and travel around the mcpe game map, our mods are available for players of any device and are compatible with any version of Bedrock Edition.Warfare mod - will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with a huge arsenal of the latest military equipment, from ammunition to cool fighters and tanks on which you can not only ride or fly a certain distance, but also destroy your enemies. Our MCPE mods for military weapons are also available for co-op.You can install our free maps of the world for Minecraft and make a confrontation between each other, gather your team with the latest weapons and a large number of well-drawn ammunition and go into battle on a brand new tank or destroyer.Our mod adds 15 pieces of military equipment to the game such as a Tank, a Car, a fuel truck, an airplane, a fighter jet, a helicopter and much more, as well as more than 100 types of different weapons and ammunition for each of them. But the juice of this mod/addon is that we are very worn out and were able to implement a high-quality traced texture of each type of weapon and armored vehicles in HD style, install our textures and shaders for a better immersion in the pixel world of Warfare Addon for MCPE.List of additions to this mod:🧨Grenade -✅Light Grenade✅high-explosive fragmentation grenade✅Smoke grenade🔫 Weapons from World War II -✅M1911✅PSh41✅Thompson✅Type100⛑Auxiliary items - ✅Knife✅First aid kit✅Glock19✅ And finally, the biggest pack -✅Butterfly knife✅M17✅M500✅AA12✅AKS74u✅VSSThe rest you can see in the game itself after installing and configuring the mod in our mcpe BlockLauncher, open and create a world map in creative mode, or select the polygon map that is integrated into this MCPE mod and try out each type of firearm before going to play the Minecraft sandbox game in survival mode.Thank you for installing our mods, maps, addons, skins and add-ons for the mcpe game, invite your friends to joint shooting competitions, prove that you are the best shooter in this mod, and open access to the legendary military skin.Note: Simple and high quality mod/addon installer for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE), share this app with your friends, this addon will make your pixel building game epic!DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Mojang product and is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB. The Minecraft name, the Minecraft trademark, and the Minecraft assets are the property of Mojang AB or their respected owner. This app follows the relevant usage guidelines at . Mod Warfare MOD APK

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I like the mod really like the guns are good and have nice details nice mod

This app is great, the mod is good, models are good, has run animations, reload animations etc and it auto injects the file into minecraft for you making it very easy.

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