App Name Network Cell Info Lite
Package Name com.wilysis.cellinfolite
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Latest Version 6.7.4
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Update Fri Jul 14 2023

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Description of Network Cell Info Lite Mod APK 2023

Network Cell Info Lite is an extensive mobile network and Wi-Fi monitoring app with measurement and diagnostic tools (5G, LTE+, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM). Network Cell Info can help troubleshoot your reception and connectivity problems while keeping you in the know about your local cellular coverage.Network Cell Info Lite is for anyone looking to improve their mobile experience and achieve their strongest cellular and Wi-Fi signal strength. This app also shows users which cellular tower they're connected to along with stats on the history of their signal strength. Users also report when they experience bad signals via the key feature below. Key Feature: The Bad Signal ReporterWouldn’t it be terrific if every bad mobile signal you encountered was automatically reported to your mobile network operator? How much better would our mobile networks be if the operators had access to this information and then acted upon it?The good news is that such access is available today through Network Cell Info Lite. This powerful app collects bad signal (either no signal or fringe coverage) data from the mobile devices of app users who have consented to such collection, and then generates a Bad Signal Report that we make available for FREE to every MNO in the world.📡Main features📡:☆Almost Real-Time (1 sec.) monitoring of cellular carrier and WiFi signals in Gauge/Raw Tabs☆5G, LTE+, LTE, IWLAN, UMTS, GSM, CDMA support☆One-tap WiFi/mobile internet performance speed test (download, upload, ping, and jitter)☆Dual-SIM support☆2-3 Signal-meter gauges for both SIMs and WiFi ☆Signal Plots, up to 2 cells☆Band number☆SIM# preference option, for other than Gauge tab☆Map with network cellular info and signal-meter gauges☆History Logs, Measurements of cellular signals (in the Map tab)☆Readings Tab reporting the number of bad signals☆Indication of cell locations (not carrier cell towers) in the Map from Mozilla Location Service (MLS), excl. CDMA ☆Personal Best Signal Finder map layer shows your signal strength history by location☆Crowdsourced Best Signal Finder shows your carrier's nearest best signals☆Personal Best Signal Finder history graphs your signal strength over time☆Measurement settings (minimum distance, minimum accuracy, motion sensor, etc.)☆Database export history measurements☆Network information in Status Bar☆Raw view of carrier network cellular info☆Connection statistics (2G/3G/4G/5G)☆SIM and device infoWant to remove ads, access more gauges and other features? View the comparison chart here: out the Paid Version and Pro Subscription Plan. Network Cell Info Lite MOD APK

Spending a lot of money in the early days of Network Cell Info Lite accumulating Network Cell Info Lite of in early currency is a very painful thing. Happymod Network Cell Info Lite mod apk will be a better choice. Network Cell Info Lite users have the following comments:

This is an amazing application. We live in an area, about a block from our local tower. Our signal strength has dramatically decreased significantly In the past 8 months. We can't even watch a 3 minute video without it buffering, making it take 10 minutes, so you can imagine how frustrating it is to attempt a full length movie. While we've not yet been able find the owner/administrator of said tower, your app gives us real time data which can be recorded, it shows our proxi.... continued

I use this App on my mobile while driving. The headunit on my car is connected to a hotspot for WiFi from the mobile. While listening to the radio, I can visually see (via the widget) the signal strength and blackspots. This allows me a visual aid, so as not to have to fiddle with the car radio apps, and not taking my hands off the wheel, I just have to wait until the signal returs, or gets stronger. The app reports blackspots (optional) to mobile providers.

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