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Latest Version 1.0.42
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Update Wed May 24 2023

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Notes is a Notes tool that has been loved by users so far. At present, many people want to download Notes apk 2023, but Notes often consumes a lot of money, so Notes mod apk has become a more important pursuit. provides great convenience for Notes mod apk download.

Notes has gone through many versions over the years. Notes 2018, Notes 2019, Notes 2020, Notes 2021. Notes 2023 is the latest version, so Notes 1.0.42 2023 is often used as a keyword for user searches. provides different versions of Notes mod apk. Contains the latest 1.0.42 MOD versions for 2023. Download Notes 1.0.42 2023 mod APK for Android for FREE now at!

Description of Notes Mod APK 2023

Classic Notes is designed to be a straightforward and simple to use notepad application yet powerful and feature rich at the same time. Classic Notes is much more than a standard notepad. Also included is a vast assortment of utilities which can be found in the extras section. Think of this application as a sort of multi-tool. Please continue reading to learn more.* Notepad Features *- In addition to standard notes and memos, Classic Notes also includes shopping lists, paint or sketch notes, and to-do lists. - As mentioned above, one of the goals when designing this application was to be feature rich but with ease of use in mind. To access additional features when writing a note simply click the edit button located at the top left to gain access to a wide array of additional options. - Some of these options include: attaching audio, video, and image files, tagging, setting priority based on urgency, reminders and alarms, password protection, comments also known as sub-notes, linking notes and to-do's together, pinning notes to the status bar or home screen, detailed note information such as word and character count, you can even look at the history of a note and revert to previous states. This is just a small handful of what's available. There are many more features to explore!- Also included is a trash bin so you never have to worry about accidentally deleting a note again.* Extras *- In addition to being a notepad, Classic Notes also features numerous useful utilities which can be accessed from the extras menu. This is where the multi-tool part comes in.- Some of these utilities include an extremely capable unit converter with over 100 different types of conversions and thousands of different units to choose from, a powerful random number generator utility, full-featured finance, numerical, fitness, and audio calculators, and a days until countdown timer are just a small handful of what's available.I could on and on about all the features and utilities available but I'd run out of space. - Utilities also include the option to make a note of the data for later use. For instance, say one is using the fitness calculator to look up their target heart rate. There is no need to copy and paste the results, simply click the note option and all values are recorded into a new note for easy access whenever you want it. Notes MOD APK

Spending a lot of money in the early days of Notes accumulating Notes of in early currency is a very painful thing. Happymod Notes mod apk will be a better choice. Notes users have the following comments:

This app is amazing. It has the features and functionality of a versatile word processor (without the formatting options), plus multiple other apps as well, in a very compact and efficient software engine. It has a few options menu display glitches BUT ... these are merely annoying for a short moment. I use it for all kinds of productivity but haven't even tapped 10% of its potential! There are ZERO privacy issues and all data is stored on your phone. Kudos to the developer. It blows me away.

I have used this app for years. It is the swiss army knife of note apps. It does everything, including stuff you haven't even thought of yet. (If you get the app, make sure you go through the list just to see.) OTOH, if all you want from it is a place to quickly jot notes, then that's its default mode and you never have to see, or pay any attention to, the rest of it. Great little piece of software.

Download Notes Mod Apk from Happymod Tutorial

A. Download and install the Happymod apk at

B. Search for Notes in the Happymod app.

C. Click the desired mod in the Notes search results list.

D. Click download package to install Notes mod apk directly.